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We are a family business that believes in customer service. We listen, respond and react quickly to our users. Our website has been developed through customer feedback, making it very easy to find your ancestor.

Sign up to an intuitive easy to use website with powerful search facilities and save £50!

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You'll get access to powerful tools such as

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Recent comments from those that have upgraded to TheGenealogist:

"Great site design, intuitive and fast."
- James

"Am I allowed to sing the praises of The Genealogist on this page? Assuming so. Anyone looking for an alternative to FMP The Genealogist is great, and the offer of £50.00 back is a generous one. Even at full price I think it's good value for money, I have found records easily, and one which had taken me months to find previously (as indexed by surname of person above), on TG was indexed correctly. I'm very happy, oh, nearly forgot - the address search is also great."
- Elizabeth Vinci

"Here are a few advantages that I’ve found...

  • Using wildcards when searching birth/death/marriage/census records works better
  • Having found a person on a census, you can click on their address and see the occupants of the other houses in the street
  • You can search for a family even if you are unsure of the surnames, eg, a John, a Mary & an Albert living at the same address in London
  • Much fewer unnecessary search results, eg you don’t get ‘first 50 results of 443,932...’
  • The Genealogist offer, after cashback, works out at £5.79 per month for the most comprehensive subscription
  • The ‘feel’ of the company is more personal."
- Carol

"You come highly recommended and you live up to that recommendation!"
- Hilary

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Brick Wall Busting Tools & Resources

Firstly, our resources provide the widest range of records available, as featured in Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine (see chart here). Since the chart was completed, TheGenealogist has added even more records; including Tithe Records, Casualty Lists, Parish Records, War Memorials, Naturalisation Records, Railway Workers, Seamen, Criminal Records and much more.

TheGenealogist.co.uk Screenshots Tools to help you climb your tree

  1. Search for a record by specifying a few keywords - no need to enter a name, you can enter a place name, occupation or anything else
  2. Search for a family without using a surname - Look for John, Jane & Emily living together
  3. Search for an address
  4. Map your results
  5. TreeView - Advanced online family tree builder

TheGenealogist transcribes the full record, so you can search for an occupation, an address, a birthplace or anything else within the record you are looking for.

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What do the Magazines think?

WDYTYA Magazine“TheGenealogist has an excellent search option that lets you search for a family using just first names.”
Sarah Williams, Editor - Who Do You Think You Are Magazine

Your Family Tree Magazine“The Genealogist is a great place to search for your ancestors and the details of their lives, using a combination of simple and advanced search facilities and a huge variety of the most vital records and resources for family history.”
Adam Rees, Editor - Your Family Tree Magazine

Family Tree Magazine“Top marks to TheGenealogist for their All-in-One search. For relevant, easy-to-view, detailed search results this is the search site to use. Combine it with the new phonetic search tool to make even better family history discoveries.”
Helen Tovey, Editor - Family Tree Magazine

Your Family History Magazine“The unique Non-Conformist records on TheGenealogist.co.uk are invaluable.” 
Laura Berry, Editor - Your Family History Magazine

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Join TheGenealogist today and claim your £50 cashback!

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Firstly purchase your Diamond Annual Subscription using one of the offer links. Then please download this claim form and send it back to us. Your cash back will be credited within 30 days (It usually takes just a few days, but please allow for 30 days in case there are postage delays).

Offer Terms:

  1. To claim your cashback, this form must be completed after purchase and returned to: Genealogy Supplies (Jersey) Ltd, PO Box 530, Jersey JE4 8XX
  2. Offer applies to new customers purchasing our Diamond Annual Subscription at £119.45 using the special link in the offer.
  3. Cash back must be claimed within 30 days of purchase.
  4. Cashback will be paid within a month of receipt of a valid claim.
  5. Cancellations of Diamond subscriptions will not take effect until after the minimum sign up period of 12 months has passed. Please see Terms and Conditions for more details.
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Claim My £50 Cashback Offer

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