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The Harrods Employees who went to War 24th June 2014

From working at London's finest department store to making the ultimate sacrifice for their Country: TheGenealogist looks at the Harrods employees who fought and died in the Great War. Read full article...

Was your ancestor held as a Prisoner of War in World War One? 23rd May 2014

Prisoners of War are often forgotten in Great War commemorations but many thousands of British and Commonwealth troops suffered the dreadful hardships of captivity, some for almost the full duration of the war. You can now search over 80,000 records at TheGenealogist. Read full article...

When Drama Meets Reality 17th April 2014

The new BBC drama series The Crimson Field, which forms part of their World War One Centenary Season, explores life from a nurse’s viewpoint through the horrors of the First World War. The high profile, talented cast have surprising connections to the actual war itself. Read full article...

The Traditions of a Joyous Easter 17th April 2014

We take a look at the traditions of Easter, such as the giving of Easter Eggs, the Easter Bunny and the Easter Lily. Read full article...

Who Do You Think You Are?

Every year the popular BBC series Who Do You Think You Are? brings us a host of new and exciting stories. We have taken a look at each celebrity as they journey into their family history, and you can read about their discoveries in our articles.

Click here to read stories from the latest series.

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