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Derek Jacobi 25th August 2015

Sir Derek George Jacobi's story is one of equal contrasts. Though he is from working class roots in London, with a boot maker for a grandfather, as we delve further back in time we discover that his family are from much grander stock, one having mixed with Louis the Sun King until his religious belief had him imprisoned and he escaped to England.

Jane Seymour 17th August 2015

The family story of Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg, known better by her stage name of Jane Seymour, is an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. Her Father’s family are Jewish while her mother was a Dutch Protestant who had endured being in a Second World War Japanese concentration camp.

Paul Hollywood 7th August 2015

Celebrity baker and chef Paul John Hollywood follows his beloved grandfather’s footsteps through war torn Africa and North Italy. Paul also follows a maternal line to eventually find that he is descended from a crofter in the Highlands with an unusual and very physical second job.

Who Do You Think You Are? Series 12 Announced 14th July 2015

Executive Producer for Wall to Wall, Colette Flight, says: "Who Do You Think You Are? is back with another fantastic line-up of much-loved faces, uncovering hidden history by bringing our celebrities' ancestors to life. Following our best-known stars on their personal journey into their family trees reveals extraordinary stories, sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, but always compelling."

Off the Rails 13th May 2015

Our ancestor's employment details are an important part of social history and when we attach them to a family tree it becomes all the richer for it. Now that TheGenealogist has added over 62,000 rail worker records to its original online indexes of Railway Employment Records, it is easier than ever to delve into those who once worked for the Railway companies in a great variety of occupations all across the country.

Hang or Be Hanged: The "Finisher of the Law" 12th March 2015

The BBC TV programme Banished, set in the penal colony of New South Wales in 1788, has dramatized the brutal lives of the convicts transported overseas and the men sent out to guard them. While the series is a work of fiction, some characters appear to be based on real people who were convicts transported to Australia in the First Fleet.

Admiral Lord Nelson Revealed 6th March 2015

The BBC2 TV programme on Horatio Nelson (Friday 6th March 2015) centres on what the famous Admiral wrote in his letters to reveal a more complex man than the hero created after his death. It is not just his correspondence, however, that can be used to understand the great man further as we can also discover a great deal more about him from the words that he included in his will and codicils.

What Land Did My Ancestor Own or Occupy? 12th February 2015

Tithes are a rich resource for family historians to find their ancestors within. They cover owners and occupiers of land from all strata of society in early Victorian times and for the first time they can be searched all on one website at TheGenealogist.

The Mulberry Madame and the Murdered Policeman 21st January 2015

Ancestors that fell foul of the law are always fascinating subjects for family history research. The chance to unearth a felon from within the records can be an exciting prospect.

Every year the popular BBC series Who Do You Think You Are? brings us a host of new and exciting stories. We have taken a look at each celebrity as they journey into their family history, and you can read about their discoveries in our articles.


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