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Occupational Records Currently Includes:

About Occupational Records

Start finding your ancestors now

Occupational Records can provide a greater insight into the lives of your ancestors. They can be used to complement census records, and as some contain address details and pre-date 1841 they are a valuable substitute for the pre-census years.

Records are book images (Printed Books), with search tools that enable you to enter a name and view results within the records, or browse through the images with the aid of bookmarks.

Includes Clergy, Civil Service, Teachers, Actors, Medical and Law Lists, with years ranging from 1066 to 1929.

Currently Includes:

    Bankruptcy ListsBack To Top

    Online access to our Bankruptcy Lists.

      Apprenticeship RecordsBack To Top

      Online access to The Apprenticeship Records

        1851 Crew Lists BT98Back To Top

        Online access to 1851 Crew Lists

          Ship Crew ListsBack To Top

          Online access to Crew Lists

            Pilot CertificatesBack To Top

            Online access to Pilot Certificates

              Railway Employment RecordsBack To Top

              Online access to Railway Employment Records

                ActorBack To Top

                Online access to our Actors and Playwrights Records.
                • Biographia Dramatica
                • Who's Who in the Theatre - 1922

                ClergyBack To Top

                Online access to our Clergy Lists.
                • 1911 Clergy List
                • 1929 Crockford's Clerical Directory
                • 1907 Clergy List
                • 1852 Clergy List
                • Index Ecclesiasticus 1800-1840
                • Churchwardens and Sidesmen of the Cathedral and Parish Church of Manchester 1422-1911

                Director'sBack To Top

                Online access to our Director's Lists.
                • 1936 Directory of Directors

                FreemanBack To Top

                • Freemen of Leicester 1770-1930
                • Freemen of Leicester 1196-1770
                • Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne 1733 - 1760
                • Freeman of Canterbury 1392 - 1800
                • Borough of Bedford: List of Burgesses, 1875, Prominent members of a town
                • Freemen of York 1272-1759
                • Freemen of Chester 1392-1805
                • Freemen of Norwich 1317-1603
                • Freemen of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 1409-1710

                Imperial CalendarBack To Top

                Online access to our Imperial Calendars.
                • 1895 British Imperial Calendar

                LawBack To Top

                Online access to our Law Lists.
                • 1826 Clarke's New Law List
                • 1856 Law List
                • 1900 Solicitors' Diary, Almanac & Directory
                • 1911 Justices of the Peace
                • 1824 Clark's New Law List
                • 1066-1870 Biographical Dictionary of the Judges of England

                MedicalBack To Top

                Online access to our Medical Lists.
                • 1727-1898 Roll of Army Medical Staff
                • 1895 Medical Directory - London, Provinces, Scotland & Ireland

                SportsBack To Top

                Online access to our Sports Lists.
                • Yorkshire Rugby Football Union Commemoration Book 1914-19 and Official Handbook 1919-20

                TeacherBack To Top

                Online access to our Teacher Lists.
                • 1917 Official List of Registered Teachers

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