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Polls & Electoral Rolls Currently Includes:

About Polls & Electoral Rolls

Poll Books give names, addresses, occupations and show how people voted in the election. The Poll Books available on TheGenealogist pre-date the census records and go back as far as the 1700s, making them a valuable resource for family historians.

Most records are searchable book images (Printed Books), which can be searched by name or browsed page by page with the aid of bookmarks. London 2005 and Queensland 1905 Electoral Registers are in database format and are searchable transcripts.

Currently Includes:

    Poll and Electoral Searchable BooksBack To Top

    Online access to our Poll and Electoral Books.

      Poll Books DatabaseBack To Top

      Online access to Poll Book Transcripts.

        London 2005 Electoral RollBack To Top

        Online access to the London electoral roll for 2005. This database gives name, address, postcode, district, as well as other reference codes if available.

          AmericaBack To Top

          • Nov 1892 & Apr 1893 America, Electors of Chillicothe, Ohio

          BerkshireBack To Top

          • 1798 Berkshire, Poll for the Knights of the Shire

          DevonBack To Top

          • 1865-1869 Register of Voters for South Devon

          DorsetBack To Top

          • 1918-1919 Dorset Absent Voters

          DurhamBack To Top

          • City of Durham Poll at Contested Election 1853
          • County of Durham Poll of Northern Division 1837

          GloucestershireBack To Top

          • 1830 Bristol Poll Book
          • 1812 Gloucestershire, Bristol Poll Book for the General Election

          HampshireBack To Top

          • 1929 Hampshire, Winchester Register of Electors
          • 1934 Hampshire, Winchester Register of Electors
          • 1939 Hampshire, Winchester Register of Electors

          HerefordshireBack To Top

          • 1936 Hereford Register of Electors

          KentBack To Top

          • 1905 Maidstone Register of Electors
          • Kent 1832 Poll Book

          LondonBack To Top

          • London, Westminster 1774 Poll Book
          • London, Westminster 1818 Poll Book
          • London, Westminster 1841 Poll Book

          MonmouthshireBack To Top

          • 1852 Monmouthshire, Monmouth Borough Poll Book

          NorfolkBack To Top

          • Norfolk 1768 Poll Book
          • Norfolk 1806 Poll Book
          • Norfolk 1817 Poll Book
          • Norfolk East 1865 Poll Book

          NorthamptonshireBack To Top

          • Northamptonshire Poll books 1702 - 1831

          NorthumberlandBack To Top

          • Northumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne Poll Book, 1774
          • Northumberland, Northern Division Poll Book, 1841

          SomersetBack To Top

          • 1832 East Somerset Electorial Registers
          • 1832 West Somerset Electorial Registers
          • 1855 Bath Poll Book

          SuffolkBack To Top

          • Suffolk 1710 Poll Book
          • Suffolk 1790 Poll Book
          • Suffolk, Eastern Division Poll Book, 1832
          • 1830 Suffolk, Poll for the Knights of the Shire

          WiltshireBack To Top

          • 1915 Swindon Voters

          WorcestershireBack To Top

          • 1832-3 Worcestershire, Register of The Electors (Western Division)

          YorkshireBack To Top

          • Yorkshire, Kingston-upon-Hull 1835 Poll Book
          • 1868 Yorkshire, Kingston-upon-Hull Poll Book
          • Yorkshire, West Riding 1835 Poll Book
          • Yorkshire 1741 Poll Book
          • Yorkshire, York (County) 1807 Poll Book
          • Yorkshire, York, 1868 Poll Book

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