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Court & Criminal Records Currently Includes:

Currently Includes:

    Court & Criminal Book RecordsBack To Top

    Online access to our Court & Criminal Records.

      Criminal RecordsBack To Top

      Online access to Criminal Registers, Charges, Pardons and Criminal Lunatics. These records are from the National Archives Home Office Records series HO 27, HO 13, HO20/13 and CRIM 1. They contain over 90,000 records for England and Wales between 1782 to 1970.

        Convict Transportation RegistersBack To Top

        Online access to Convict Transportation Registers 1787-1867. Includes details of convicts transported to Australia during the 18th and 19th centuries. The records mainly include those convicted in England, Wales and Scotland, but also include a small number of Irish convicts, and soldiers who had been court-martialed and sentenced to transportation. These 'soldier convicts' may have been convicted in various British colonies, including the West Indies, Canada, India, and Pakistan.

          Chancery ProceedingsBack To Top

          • Chancery Proceedings Series I. James I Vol.1 A-K, 1603-1625
          • Chancery Proceedings Series II. Vol.I, 1558-1579
          • Chancery Proceedings Series II. Vol.II, 1579-1621
          • Chancery Proceedings Series II. Vol.III, 1621-1660
          • Chancery Proceedings, Bridges Division. Vol.I A-C, 1613-1714
          • Chancery Proceedings, Bridges Division. Vol.II D-H, 1613-1714
          • Chancery Proceedings, Bridges Division. Vol.III I-Q, 1613-1714
          • Chancery Proceedings, Bridges Division. Vol.IV R-Z, 1613-1714
          • Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.I, ca.1377-1478
          • Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.II, ca.1479-1485
          • Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.III, ca.1485-1500
          • Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.IV, ca.1500-1515
          • Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.IX, ca.1544-1553
          • Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.V, ca.1515-1529
          • Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.VI, ca.1529-1538
          • Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.VII, ca.1533-1538
          • Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.VIII, ca.1538-1544
          • Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.X, ca.1553-1558

          LancashireBack To Top

          • Constables' Accounts of Manchester 1612-1633
          • Constables' Accounts of Manchester 1633-1647
          • Constables' Accounts of Manchester 1743-1776

          LondonBack To Top

          • 1394-1422 The Court Rolls of Tooting Beck Manor Vol.1
          • Court Rolls of the Manor of Hornsey 1603-1701

          WorcestershireBack To Top

          • 1591-1643 Worcestershire County Records - Calendar of the Quarter Sessions

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