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Online Data Subscriptions

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Credit-free access

Gold Subscription

Just £6.58/month*

Gold Subscription


Credit-based access

Personal Plus Subscriptions

From £4.66/month*

Personal Plus Subscriptions


  • Superior subscription for doing a lot of research without worrying about credits.
  • Use all included databases for the cheapest price
  • Unused credits can be carried over to the next period
  • Various payment plans

Libraries / Professionals

Professional Premium Subscription

Just £16.67/month*

Professional Premium Subscription


  • For professional genealogists who offer a service to research full family histories


Each of the above subscriptions (excluding starter) have access to:

  • Complete Birth, Marriage & Death records 1837-2005
  • Fully-searchable census transcripts with images 1841-1901
  • Parish records
  • Non-Conformist Records with images of original certificates
  • Directories
  • Landowner records
  • Electoral Roll
  • Census Crew lists
  • Army lists and Rolls of Honour
  • TreeView - Access your tree anywhere with photos and data exhibits
  • Surname concentration maps
  • and much more...

Information about credits here.

* Monthly equivalent when paying annually in advance.

Click here to see the current list of databases included in our subscriptions.

N.B. ALL subscriptions are subject to strict usage conditions: please ensure you have read our full Terms & Conditions.