Family Forename Search

This feature enables you to search for a family you have not been able to find using the surname, possibly due to an unexpected spelling variation, by using the forenames only as a group search.

It is possible to narrow the search by year and county, if required, and enter up to 6 possible forenames that you would be expecting to find within a family group, as in Fig.1.

1 Fig.1.

The Year of Birth has also been included as an optional entry, which you can enter for any member of the group, or all of them, or none at all. There is the facility to then broaden the expected Year of Birth to include any matches within a decade by clicking the option box, as in Fig.2.

1 Fig.2.

Results for this forename group show 3 possible matches within the selected year and county, and are displayed with the requested forenames highlighted, as well as any other names , and will include the Surname, and the Street Address, as well as a link to view the original images, as shown in Fig.3.

1 Fig.3.

You is possible to include a surname during the forename search, or at least the first 3 letters followed by a wildcard symbol, such as Bra* if searching for Bransgrove, to reduce a search if there are many results.

The final option that can be selected if necessary is the 'Family Members Max Number Limit' which will only search for a family of below a specified number, and is set to 15 by default.