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Unlimited access to our military collection. We currently have 92 Army Lists available ranging from 1661 to 1940 and 28 Navy Lists ranging from 1689 to 1944. Army Lists can contain rank and regiment of officers, details of those stationed abroad and recipients of the Victoria Cross.

Also provides unlimited access to our Overseas BMD Index, which covers the births, marriages and deaths of British Service Personnel throughout the world.

World War Records - RG32 and RG34 are part of the non-conformist and non-parochial BMD Registers collection. You can access these either from the 'Birth, Marriage and Death' section under 'BMD Registers' or through the 'Non-Conformist and Non-Parochial Records' link also on the Research View page.

RG32 is 'Registers Abroad and on British & Foreign Ships, 1831-1969'. These records include notifications during the Second World War period of deaths of members of the British armed services, prisoners of war, civilians, internees and deaths through aircraft lost in flight. Also included are deaths and executions of persons in Japanese and German prison internment camps.

RG34 is 'Miscellaneous Foreign Marriage Returns, 1826-1921', but also includes marriages between British soldiers in France, Flanders and Holland during and after the First World War, including many who had been prisoners of war.

A Diamond subscription adds:

  • Soldiers Who Died in The Great War
  • First World War Casualty Lists, including those who were injured
  • First World War Prisoners of War
  • First World War Missing List
  • Medal Records
  • War Memorials
  • Regimental Records
  • Militia Musters
  • Dambusters Database
  • Second World War Prisoners of War


Currently Includes

Military Rolls & Lists

Online access to our Military Records.

Roll of Honour

Online access to our Roll of Honour Records. Contains Roll of Honour records for British Servicemen who participated in the Great War and the Second World War. Records can include detailed biographies with portraits and information on birth date, birth place, father's name, education, career, and circumstances of death.

Air Force

Air Force List, April 1918

1939 January Air Force List

Air Force List, October 1933

Army Lists

1806 Army List

1842 Army List

1863 Army List

1881 Army List

1915 (June) Army List

1920 Army List

1789 Army List

1814 Army List

1850 Army List

1854 Army List

Army List 1860-61

1861 Harts Army List

Army List, 1868-69

1871 Army List

1877 Army List

1885 (August) Army List

1886 (November) Army List

1892 Army List

1900 Army List

1901 (Jan) Army List

1901 (Jun) Army List Vol.1

1901 (Jun) Army List Vol.2

1904 Army List

1905 Army List

1906 Army List Vol.1

1906 Army List Vol.2

1910 Harts Army List

1912 Harts Army List

1914 (August) Army List

1914 (June) Army List

1915 (February) Army List

1916 (March) Army List

1916 (October) Army List Vol.1

1916 (October) Army List Vol.2

1917 Army List

1918 Army List Vol.1

1918 Army List Vol.2

1923 Army List

1929 Army List

1932 Army List

1938 Army List

1940 Army List

Army List 1791 April

1870 April Army List

1872 August Army List

1661-1714 English army lists and commission

Army List 1787 February

Army List 1790 February

Army List 1793 February

1881 February Army List

Army List, February 1917

1857 Army List

1859 Harts Army List

1860 Harts Army List

1865 Harts Army List

Army List 1792 January

Army List 1794 January

Army List 1795 January

Army List 1797 January

1875 January Army List

Army List, July 1910

1879 June Army List

Army List 1784 March

Army List 1785 March

Army List 1786 March

Army List 1788 March

Army List 1796 March

1887 March Army List

Army List 1789 May

1873 May Army List

1879 November Army List

1914 November Army List

1867 October Army List

1879 October Army List

1880 September Army List

Army List Jan 1908

1797 (Aug) Army List

Army Lists 1838

The Annual Army List (Harts, 1847)

The Annual Army List (Hart's 1853)

1862 Harts Army List

1863 Harts Army List

1864 Army List

Hart's Army List, 1908

The Annual Army and Militia List (Hart's, 1868)

Hart's Army 1873

Officers of the Army and Royal Marines 1821

Salisbury Plain Military Directory April, 1914

1866 Navy List

1888 Navy List

Navy Lists 1836-1838

1822 Navy List

1837 Navy List

1845 Navy List

1850 Navy List

1853 Navy List

1868 Navy List

1874 Navy List

1884 Navy List

1890 Navy List

1904 Navy List

1905 Navy List

1912 Navy List

1914 Navy List

1915 Navy List

1917 Navy List

1918 Navy List

1924 Navy List

1935 Navy List

1944 Navy List

Navy List, December 1914

Navy List, February 1938

1939 August The Navy List

Rolls Of Honour

1914-1919 Gloucestershire, Stroud District and its Part in The Great War

Heroes of the United Service

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