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Ricky Tomlinson 20th December 2016

Before he became an actor Ricky had once been a union organiser and so he has a deep interest in the working conditions that his ancestors would have had to endure. Ricky was curious to find out what the research could tell him about his ancestor's daily work conditions.

Cheryl 14th December 2016

Born as Cheryl Ann Tweedy she was her mother's fourth child out of five - though she is the eldest of the two children that Joan Callaghan had with Garry Tweedy.

Liz Bonnin 6th December 2016

Television presenter Liz Bonnin, best known in Britain for presenting Bang Goes the Theory and Countrywise knows that she has a mixture of blood in her veins as a result of her parents' various lineages on the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Martinique.

Amanda Holden 30th November 2016

The investigation into her ancestors brings to light an extraordinary Anglo-French love affair at a time just after the Napoleonic-era and closer to date, her grandfather's horrific experience in WWII.

Danny Dyer 21st November 2016

From a one time inmate of the workhouse to one of the most controversial figures in Tudor England...

The Artful Dodger, The Thrill Killer and The Great Escape 11th October 2016

Flight Lieutenant George Harsh was an American who had joined the Royal Canadian Air Force at the start of the Second World War and was posted as a tailgunner serving on Halifax Bombers flying out of England. On being shot down in 1942 he was sent by the Germans to Stalag Luft III and reputedly became a key member of the Great Escape's executive committee and the camp "security officer", though he had been transferred before the escape took place.

Searching Warwickshire Parish Records 14th September 2016

For the settings of her stories, Mary drew on her Warwickshire childhood and Chilvers Coton became the fictional Shepperton in her novels. The parish church is described in great detail in The Sad Fortunes of the Reverend Amos Barton where Shepperton Church is recognisably that of Chilvers Coton. From a reading of the first lines of this book you will see her describe its 'substantial stone tower...and its intelligent eye, the clock...'

Who Do You Think You Are? returns to our screens 19th July 2016

Who Do You Think You Are? will return to BBC One for a brand new series in the late summer after the Olympics. The ten episodes are likely to be another rollercoaster ride of inspiring stories for family historians to watch as the chosen celebrities take a fascinating trip into their ancestor's past.

The Oldest British Soldier to die in the Battle of the Somme 27th June 2016

The Battle of the Somme began on the 1st July 1916 and was to last until the 18th November. The statistics for this bloody conflict are staggering: 141 days of battle; 1,700,000 shells fired on to the German lines; 57,470 British casualties for the first day alone, of which 19,240 British soldiers had been killed. In total the Battle of the Somme would claim 419,654 British; 204,253 French and 500,000 Germans. In amongst these facts and figures was another - the oldest soldier to lose his life at the Somme was 67 year old Lieutenant Henry Webber.

Norfolk Heroes in the Norfolk Parish Registers 14th June 2016

TheGenealogist has released over 9.8 million fully searchable records for the registers of baptisms, marriages, banns and burials for Norfolk with images of the original registers. This makes it easier than ever to research your Norfolk ancestors, with some of the surviving parish registers reaching back as far as the early 1500s.

"Jutland Jack" Cornwell, The Battle of Jutland's Youngest V.C 27th May 2016

It was 100 years ago at The Battle of Jutland - a 72-hour clash between the Royal Navy and the Imperial German Navy - that John Travers Cornwell, of His Majesty's Ship Chester, was to have his first and last encounter with the enemy. This ordinary lad from London was the youngest recipient of the Victoria Cross in World War One; the highest military decoration awarded for valour in the face of the enemy.

From telephone books to US Prisoner of War records 27th May 2016

TheGenealogist has just launched a new collection of records, including telephone directories and US World War II Prisoner of War records. These include Robert A. "Bob" Hoover, the former air show pilot and United States Air Force test pilot.

A roundup of this year's Who Do You Think You Are? Live! 22nd April 2016

WDYTYA? Live! is the UK's largest family history event in the genealogical calendar, where you can see all the main companies and family history societies in one place. Over 13,000 visitors attended this year, making it a lively and packed three days.

Douglas Bader - WW2 Air Ace 4th March 2016

From the RAF Officers listed in the recently released Second World War Prisoner of War lists on TheGenealogist, we can find Acting Wing Commander Douglas Bader, whose story was immortalized in the book and film Reach for the Sky.

New Software, Records and Interfaces Launching on TheGenealogist in 2016 1st January 2016

We are launching a range of interface improvements and are also re-digitising key records.

Fully Searchable Norfolk Parish Records Now Online 1st January 2016

TheGenealogist are releasing fully searchable Norfolk Parish Records. These feature the registers of baptisms, marriages, burials and banns of marriage covering the majority of parishes in Norfolk.

Every year the popular BBC series Who Do You Think You Are? brings us a host of new and exciting stories. We have taken a look at each celebrity as they journey into their family history, and you can read about their discoveries in our articles.


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