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The DNA tests advertised on the website are provided by Family Tree DNA, who are based in Houston, Texas, USA. They are a genetic genealogy company which has pioneered the use of DNA testing for genealogical research and they now have one of the largest databases of genetic results to match with.

These DNA tests are essentially ethnicity tests which can be taken to discover one's ancestral origins and genetic make up, but also can locate matches with other DNA samples in the database. Though there is no guarantee that any matches will be found immediately.

Each test will trace a different line of your ancestors:

  • A Y-DNA test traces your direct paternal line of your tree (father, grandfather and so on...)
  • An MT-DNA test traces your direct maternal line (mother, grandmother and so on...)
  • An Autosomal test (family finder) traces both sides of your tree

Please note that a Y-DNA test can only be taken by a male. If you are a female, you can ask a brother, father, paternal uncle (your father's brother) or paternal nephew (your father's brother's son) to take the test.

You may also want to consider how many generations of results you would like to narrow down to - a smaller number can usually be more useful.

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