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Current credit charges(N.B. with credit-free subscriptions there is no credit charge for anything)

Search Advanced Search Family Search Head-to-Head Search (View Household) Viewing an image/full record (where available) Viewing an image/full record you have seen within the last 30 days
BMD index Free Free - - 1 Free
BMD Registers Free 5 - - 25 Free
BMD Registers Books Free - - - 5 Free
Military BMDs 3 4 - - 3 Free
Overseas BMDs 3 4 - - 3 Free
Census index 1 2 2 3 3 Free
Census transcript 1 2 2 3 3 Free
Keyword Master Search Free - - 5 3 (for image) Free
Street / House Search Free - - 5 3 (for image) Free
Volunteer Census index Free Free Free - - -
Roll of Honour Free 1 - - 3 Free
Parish records (Transcripts) 2 3 - - 3

(25 for Selected Counties)

Parish records (Printed Books) Free - - - 1 Free
PCC Wills Index Free 1 - - 25 Free
Wills Free - - - 1

(N.B the first few descriptive pages are free)

Directories Free - - - 1 Free
Directory Transcripts Free 2 2 - - Free
Crew Lists 1 2 2 (vessel search) - 3 Free
Army & Navy Lists Free - - - 1 Free
Poll Books Free - - - 1 Free
Electoral Roll Free Free - - 1 Free
Knights of England Free - - - 1 Free
Tithe Free - - - 25 Free
Landowner Records Free - - - 1 Free
Surname Concentration Maps 10 - - - - -

Below are the answers to the most common questions our customers have relating to the use of credits on our site:

What are credits and how are they used?
Some subscriptions are credit-free; some use credits for each search; and some use credits for each image viewed. The exact system for this depends on the database you're using, although there are subscriptions that allow you to use them on a credit-free basis:
How many credits do I get?
The amount of credits you're issued varies with each subscription plan. If you have an Personal Plus subscription, you're issued a certain number of credits at the beginning of every payment period. For instance, with a Personal Plus monthly you get 50 credits for the £5.00 that you pay every month. On pay-as-you-go subscriptions there are full details of the number of credits included on the product information pages of the site; if there are no credits then you don't need them. All the subscription plans, and the credit allowances they offer, are detailed on the site.
Is there a subscription that offers unlimited credits?
The Gold and Diamond subscriptions are credit-free, offering unlimited* searching and viewing on the website. The Professional Premium also has this facility, and is intended for professional genealogists researching full family trees.
How does your credit cost compare with other sites?
In independent group tests our site consistently comes out as best value and with a Premium subscription you get unlimited credits.
What can I do if I use all my credits before the next payment period?
Once you've bought a subscription, you can top-up your credits on the site. Viewing credits: 50 for £5.00 or 200 for £14.95; search credits: 150 for £9.95 or 75 for £5.
If I don't use up my credits, can I carry them over to the following period?
If you have a Personal Plus recurring subscription credits can be carried over to the next period provided the subscription remains current. Credits on pay-as-you-go subscriptions expire at the end of the subscription.

* Note that none of our subscriptions can be used to offer a look-up service to other people, fair usage policy applies.

N.B. Credits have no monetary value — they are a means of ensuring fair access.

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