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Diamond content Over 800 Square Miles of Land Tax records released
22nd December 2022

IR126 map from our Map Explorer™ tool

More than 185,000 new Lloyd George Domesday land tax records have been added to our Landowner and Occupier records. Consisting of records from the counties of Berkshire and the Buckinghamshire, this release provides researchers with the ability to discover owners and occupiers of property in the period 1910 to 1915.

Covering an area of over 800 square miles, researchers can use these records to see the size, state of repair and value of the house in which their ancestors had lived in or had been the landlord of.

We have linked all the records to the large scale Ordnance Survey maps that were used at the time. These detailed maps show each property plotted on detailed mapping that can be viewed with our Map Explorer™ tool. This interface will show the same coordinates on a variety of modern and historical maps. Using this allows house or family historians to see how the area they are researching may have changed over time and with it to then explore their ancestors' locality.

Diamond content Chelsea Pensioner Records
9th December 2022

Chelsea Pensioners Recordsfrom

We have been extending our ever-growing Military records collection with a fascinating new record set for all our Diamond subscribers. More than 629,000 historic records for Chelsea Pensioners from 1702-1933 are now available, with high quality scans of the original document pages.

The records in this release include registers, admission books, ledgers and so on that relate to army pensioners and the payment of pensions to these individuals. The majority of the records relate to pensions payable by the Commissioners of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, to either in-pensioners or out-pensioners.

The bulk of the registers and admission books will give a researcher the name, rank and regiment, rate of pension, date of admission to pension, and residence of the army pensioner. Additionally, many of the records will provide a date and place of birth, a record of service and complaint or reason for discharge.

1881 Census on Map Explorer
25th November 2022

1881 Census on Map Explorer

We have now linked all of our 1881 census records of England, Scotland and Wales to our powerful Map Explorer™ so that users can see the locations of houses plotted on georeferenced historic and modern map layers.

Unique to our website, viewing a household record from the 1881 census will now show a map pinpointing the house, street or parish. Clicking on this pin opens Map Explorer™, enabling subscribers to explore the area and see the records of neighbouring properties.

With this new release, family and house historians are able to research the streets, lanes and neighbourhoods in which their ancestors lived at the time of the 1881 census. Joining earlier releases that saw the 1911, 1901 and 1891 census linked to the powerful mapping tool, researchers can easily identify with just the click of a button where their forebears once lived.

Diamond content Memorial Records of the First World War
11th November 2022

New Memorial Records of the First World War

As we prepare to remember our fallen heroes from the World Wars and other conflicts on Remembrance Day this weekend, we have released a collection of war memorials for soldiers that had served in the First World War, comprising details for men who had been born in Ireland as well as in England, Scotland and Wales.

With almost 50,000 records that were originally compiled by the Committee of the Irish National War Memorial and published in 1923. Assembled at the time by Miss Eva C. Barnard, secretary to the Irish National War Memorial Committee and printed under the direction and personal supervision of George Roberts they are presented with attractive decorative borders designed by Harry Clarke.

Diamond content New Times Newspapers Added
28th October 2022

New Times Newspapers Added

We have released over 3,000 fully searchable editions of The Times from the 1870s decade, joining the many other newspapers and magazines that are already available to search in our Diamond subscription.

The Thunderer, as it was nicknamed, like many other newspapers carried Birth, Marriage and Death announcements and so is a great resource for finding details of our ancestors and where they lived. This is not all as your ancestors could have been named in a number of places in the paper ranging from reports on crimes, bankruptcies, divorces and more. Your forebear may also have been in business and paid for an advertisement that included their name and address.

This is just the beginning, so keep a look out for further decades of this famous name-rich newspaper of record to be released in the coming months.

Diamond content Important London Resource Now Complete
21st September 2022

A Police Station on the large scale Ordnance Survey Map used in the Lloyd George Domesday Survey and identified by a pin on TheGenealogist's Map Explorer MAJOR NEW RELEASE:

The Lloyd George Domesday Survey is now complete for all of the Greater London boroughs, as well as for North Buckinghamshire. Over 1.6 Million records within Greater London are now searchable by name, address or location.

This is a key resource for those researching London in the Edwardian period and this latest release completes the IR58 Valuation Record Offices records for London. You can now research and discover detailed information on the houses your ancestors occupied in the capital between 1910 and 1915.

Mark Bayley, Head of Content for TheGenealogist said: "This is great news for family historians, local historians and those researching house histories. These records are linked to our powerful Map Explorer interface so you can see your ancestor's home, street or parish pinned on a contemporary map and discover where they went to work, school, church or even find their local watering hole!"

We now intend to extend this important dataset out into the rest of the country in future releases.

Find out more about these records in our featured article: Snapshot of Edwardian London revealed in Land Tax Records.

Diamond content New Headstone Records Added
31st August 2022

New Headstone Records Added to TheGenealogist

Our International Headstone Collection has been boosted with 100,000 new records this week, bringing the total to nearly 400,000 records in the collection available for all Diamond subscribers.

Included are some extremely interesting memorials that allow researchers to see details about ancestors that have been immortalised on gravestones. These inscriptions can provide the family historian with useful information about the deceased and their family as commemorated in various churches and cemeteries.

Find out more about these records in our featured article: The Horror Author with the Heart of a Poet.

Diamond content Over 109,000 Land Tax Records on Map Explorer
28th July 2022

Lloyd George Domesday Survey linked map on Map Explorer™

More than 109,000 new IR58 Valuation Office land tax records for owners and occupiers have been added to our Lloyd George Domesday Survey records. Each property is shown plotted on detailed mapping on our Map Explorer™.

Researchers can now discover all types of interesting details about the homes of their ancestors from the Lewisham and Bromley areas. Diamond subscribers can find what their forebears' property was like in the years before WWI using the scanned images of the field books. These documents reveal what the surveyor from the years between 1910 and 1915 recorded about the size, state of repair and value of the house.

Find out more about these records in our featured article: From the Crystal Palace to the home of a Lord Mayor embroiled in scandal.

Diamond content Complete Tithe Maps for England now on Map Explorer
15th July 2022

Map Explorer georeferences a Tithe Plot to various historical and modern maps

You can now search the complete National Tithe Record Collection for England and view their ancestors' land and homes plotted through the ages on Victorian Tithe maps, as well as on today's Modern Street and Satellite maps.

Our powerful Map Explorer™, which has seen a number of records added in recent months, will now also benefit from the inclusion of Tithe Maps and Records for five extra counties of England. With Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Nottinghamshire and Sussex joining those that had previously been released, this means that we now have all of the English counties' Tithe Records and Maps available on Map Explorer™, exclusive to our Diamond subscribers.

Click here to read our featured article where we plot a Victorian farmer's home over time.

Diamond content Pinpoint your ancestors homes from the 1891 census on historic maps
4th July 2022

Chocolatier George Cadbury's home, pinpointed in the 1891 Census MAJOR NEW RELEASE:

The 1891 census is now linked to historical and modern georeferenced maps by TheGenealogist to make it easier than ever to find where ancestors lived and see the surrounding neighbourhood.

Family and house historians are able to investigate the streets, lanes and wider areas of where their ancestors lived at the time of the 1891 census in this latest release from TheGenealogist. A release that sees the 1891 census linked up to the Map Explorer™ for the first time.

The 1891 Census joins the 1901 census, 1911 census and the 1939 Register that are already connected to the innovative Map Explorer™. This means that researchers are able to identify, with just the click of a button, where their forebears lived and to see the routes their ancestors used to visit shops, local pubs, churches, places of work and parks. With a historical map it is possible to find where the nearest railway station was, important for understanding how our ancestors could travel to other parts of the country to see relatives or visit their hometown. With this release, Diamond subscribers of TheGenealogist can pinpoint ancestors’ properties at the time of the 1891 census and so investigate the neighbourhood from behind their computer screen. Alternatively, users may also access TheGenealogist on their mobile phone to trace their ancestors’ footprints while walking down modern streets.

Most of the London area and other towns and cities can be viewed down to the property level, while other parts of the country will identify down to the parish, road or street.

Viewing a household record from the 1891 census will now show a map, locating your ancestor’s house. Clicking on this map loads the location in Map Explorer™, enabling you to explore the area and see the records of neighbouring properties.

Find out more about our latest release in Nick Thorne's article, where he discovers the home of a famous Victorian chocolatier.

Diamond content 1901 Census now on Map Explorer
10th June 2022

1901 Census on Map Explorer

Following on from our recent releases of the 1939 Register and the 1911 Census records linked to contemporary and modern map layers on our Map Explorer™, now the same innovative features have been applied to the 1901 Census of England and Wales. With this new release, viewing a household record from the 1901 census will now show a map, locating your ancestor's house. Clicking on this map loads the location in Map Explorer™, enabling you to explore the area and see the records of neighbouring properties.

With this release Diamond subscribers are able to pinpoint where their ancestors' properties were at the time of the census count and so metaphorically walk the streets from the comfort of their home. Alternatively, users may access TheGenealogist on their mobile phone to physically discover the neighbourhood while on the move.

In our featured article, we investigate the area where Charlie Chaplin and the Eight Lancashire Lads clog-dancing troupe lived, and find shops, public houses, railway stations and other places that they would have known well in their everyday life.

Diamond content Over 31,000 New Land Tax Records from 1910
6th May 2022


Fascinating English land tax records from the years before the First World War are being released today. Researchers are now able to search 31,394 newly added records of owners and occupiers to discover their ancestors from Merton, Mitcham, Morden and the Wimbledon areas.

Each record is linked to clear scanned pages of the actual IR58 Field books, sourced from The National Archives, and the properties plotted onto large scale contemporary IR121 maps. These maps are digital copies of the ones used at the time by the Valuation Office of the Board of the Inland Revenue to locate each and every parcel of land in the survey taken in between 1910 and 1915.

Find out more about these records in our featured article about how Wimbledon has completely changed.

New Peerage, Gentry, Royalty and Visitations records
14th April 2022

Family historians with an aristocratic ancestor in their family tree will be pleased to hear that we have just significantly boosted the number of records in our Peerage, Gentry and Royalty collection, with thousands of new records now available.

While many researchers believe that their forebears were simply ordinary folk, many of us can find a link to a family that has a published pedigree. While this relationship to the upper levels of society may be as a result of an illegitimate line, nonetheless a link to an ancestor that features in a pedigree is of huge help in tracing back many generations, as much of the work has been done for you by the compilers of the records.

Diamond content New Land Owner & Occupier Records
27th March 2022

Map Explorer on your phone MAJOR NEW RELEASE:

With a release of the records of over 35,000 individuals, family historians will now have the ability to discover valuable particulars about ancestors' homes from the Hillingdon and Harrow areas of London in 1910.

Find out more about these records in our Featured article - Landowner and Occupier records for Harrow reveal schools, homes and other properties.

Diamond content 1939 Register now on Map Explorer
4th March 2022

1939 Register MAJOR NEW RELEASE: 1939 Register now on Map ExplorerTM with

For the first time, researchers will now be able to see more accurately where their ancestor's house was situated on maps down to house, street or parish level, giving more detail than ever before.

We have also added over 258,000 new records that have now been officially opened. Now you can use our SmartSearch on even more records in the 1939 Register to discover where your ancestors were living.

With our latest update we have added an additional 258,000 individuals

Find out more about these records in our featured article on using the 1939 Register on Map Explorer.

Diamond content Announcing the largest collection of fully searchable RAF Operations Record Books online
11th February 2022

Training for the 1932 Hendon airshow with a Gloster Gamecock MAJOR NEW RELEASE:

Today we have released over 4.2 million transcripts for our RAF Operations Record Books (ORBs), fully searchable by Name, Rank, Aircraft, Squadron, and Date plus many other fields, making it simpler to find your air force ancestors.

Watch our short video on the new release and see the records in action :

We uniquely allow you to search the period 1911-1963. With over 11 million records online, this is the largest collection of searchable AIR 27 records making it the best place to find details about your RAF ancestors.

These records include not only the journal-like day to day entries recorded on Form 540 in which you can find RAF personnel mentioned, but also all of the appendices that go along with these documents, giving many statistical details as well as "Secret Orders".

What do our customers think?

One of your best. To be able to follow the day to day activities of individuals down to the hours the planes take off and land is amazing."

"A 2 minute search brought up 2 years of operations logs for my Father, who was a pilot in 123 Squadron stationed in North Africa, India & Burma. They are full of amazing information. Everything from a near miss when a Japanese machine gun bullet 'entered his cockpit', what films they watched & complaints about the food. Just wonderful."

"Just to say a big THANK YOU for giving my family access to records of my late Uncle Douglas Thom's operations in 90 Squadron Bomber Command in 1944. We have been very frustrated that his log books seem to have "disappeared" when his home in mid Wales was cleared. Now at least we have a time-line of his sorties and more information to add to his "not often spoken about" story. I will be passing what you have on him to my cousin, his son Doug, in Canada."

Find out more about these records in our featured article about our search for a famous fighter ace and a Pathfinder from Bomber Command.

Diamond content New Land Owner & Occupier Records
21st January 2022

We have just added over 72,000 individuals to our Lloyd George Domesday Survery coverage. Researchers will be able to discover useful details about ancestors' homes from these new London areas in 1910: Albany, Belsize, Camden Town, Chalk Farm, Euston, Grays Inn Road, Highgate East, Highgate West, Kilburn, Priory and Adelaide Parish (Hampstead), St Andrew East, St Andrew West, St Giles East, St Giles North, St Giles South, Saffron Hill, Somers Town and Tottenham Court Road.

These property tax records, collected by the Inland Revenue's Valuation offices, are linked to detailed OS maps that will pinpoint down to plot level and can be searched by name or keywords using the Master Search, or by selecting a pin from the map displayed inside TheGenealogist's powerful Map Explorer™. The ability to switch between georeferenced modern and historic maps allows the researcher to see how the neighbourhood in which their ancestors had lived or worked may have altered with the passing of time.

The huge value of these IR58 records, uniquely digitised by TheGenealogist from the originals at The National Archives, is that family history researchers as well as house historians will be able to discover all sorts of information about the past owners and occupiers of the homes, land, outbuildings and property recorded in these areas at the time before Britain was plunged into the First World War.

To find out more about these records, read our latest featured article, From showgirl to Dame of the British Empire.

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