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Trade, Post Office and Residential Directories

For a Full List of our Australian Records please see:

1834 New South Wales Post Office Directory with Census Detail

1857 The Rise and Progress of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand

-  Colonial directory providing an emigrants guide to Australia and New Zealand.
-  Geelong Trade Directory provides name and type of business with street address.
-  Directory of leading merchants, warehousemen and agents in Melbourne and Sydney includes name and type of business with street address.
-  New Zealand Directory with details of government staff and street directory which includes occupation of residents. Covers Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and Canterbury.
-  Provides statistical information for Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales on population, infrastructure, import and export, revenue and taxation.
-  Also includes a Directory of leading merchants, warehousemen and agents in London, Scotland, Ireland and other areas of England.

1880 - A Glance at Australia

-  This extensive directory gives detailed information on the history, topography, productivity and agriculture of Australia in 1880.  It shows the present condition and production of some of its leading industries, namely, wool, wine, grain, dressed meat, etc. The amount of each produced and exported.
-  Includes a brief description of the different states of Australia at the time, in places going into detail of the average wages and includes a separate list of Banks and Mercantile Houses.
-  Also included is a Pastoral and Agricultural Directory for the whole of Australia, which consists a list of farmers from each of the states.
-  Searchable by surname and forename or can be browsed page by page with the help of bookmarks.
-  Gives an insight into the lives of Australians in the 1880s and could help you paint a picture of your ancestor's life in the great south land.

1883 Official Directory and Almanac of Australia

1898 New South Wales, Yewen's Directory of Landholders

1905 Queensland at Home

Official almanch, directory and gazetteer   
- Postal and telegraphic info
- Travel routes and guides to places from Brisbane
- Listing of stations and grazing farms
- Statistics for agriculture, imports/exports and population
- Queensland Parliamentary Record, with list of members, proposed bills and session business
- Shipping details
- Biographical info on influential men in Queensland
- Medical practioners, Chemists, Dentists
- Law Calender with lists of legal professionals
- Commission of the Peace
- Ministers of religion, including list of diocese
- Lists of Masonic Lodges and Societies
Directory 1905
- Trades and professions for Brisbane with street addresses
- Bribane Town Directory with local authorities, tradesmen, societies
- Queensland Trade Directory with names and town
- Sydney Trade Directory with names and street address
- Queensland Mayors and Local Government officials/clerks

1907 Storekeepers & Traders of Victoria Country Directory

1919 South Australian Directory

1920-1921 Canterbury, Marlborough, Nelson and Westland Directory

1920 Melbourne, Kew Suburban Guide and Business Directory

1929 Tasmania Post Office Directory

1931 Western Australia Post Office Directory

1931 Tasmania Post Office Directory

1936 Ramsay's Melbourne and Suburban Business Directory

1936-7 Tasmania Post Office Directory

The Australian Radio Users circa 1940s




Telephone Directories

1924 Melbourne Telephone Directory

1931 Adelaide Telephone Directory

1934 (May) Melbourne Telephone Directory

1934 Telephone Directory Brisbane

1936 (November) Melbourne Telephone Directory


Electoral Registers

1900 Queensland Electoral Roll

- This database gives name, address, postcode and district as well as other references where available. Contains over 100,000 records



Convict Registers

Convict transportation registers from 1787 to 1867 (HO11)

- Details of over 123,000 of the estimated 160,000 convicts transported during the 18th and 19th centuries. 

- The records mainly include those convicted in England, Wales and Scotland, but also include a small number of Irish convicts.

- Also includes soldiers who had been court-martialled and sentenced to transportation.   These 'soldier convicts' may have been convicted in various British colonies including the West Indies, India, Pakistan and Canada. 

- The prisoners on these registers were sent to New South Wales, Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), Moreton Bay (Brisbane), Port Phillip, Western Australia and Norfolk Island.

- Also recorded are some ships which were bound for Gibraltar.


Convict Lists & Pardons (HO10)

-  First Fleet, New South Wales 1787

-  List of Convicts arriving in New South Wales 1788-1819

-  List of Convicts arriving in New South Wales Nov 1828 - Dec 1832

-  List of Convicts arriving in New South Wales 1833-1834

-  List of Convicts who are now free, New South Wales 1810-1820

-  List of Convicts in Van Diemens Land/Tasmania 1808-1849

-  Convict Pardons & Tickets of Leave in New South Wales and Van Diemans Lands/Tasmania 1834-1838

-  Convict Pardons in New South Wales 1838-1859

-  Convict Pardons in Tasmania 1840-1848

-  Recommendations for Conditional Pardons in Tasmania 1849-1859


Census & General Musters

New South Wales 1828 Census

General Musters

-  New South Wales & Norfolk Island General Muster 1806
-  New South Wales & Norfolk Island General Muster 1837
-  New South Wales General Muster 1811, 1822, 1823, 1824, 1825, 1828


Military Records

1915 Australia's Roll of Honour



Biographical Records

Australian Biographical Dictionary 1934

Cyclopedia of Victoria, Volumes 1-3

The Tasmanian Cyclopedia 1931