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Researching Irish Ancestors on TheGenealogist

For a full and detailed list of our Irish Records please go to:

*Exclusive Diamond content

Irish records include directories, wills, landowner and pedigree records.

*1536 - 1810 Irish Wills
Index to the Prerogative Court Wills and Hawkins Collection of Wills. These give Year, Name, Place and occupation.

*1847-1864 Griffith's Valuation of Ireland

This was the first full valuation of property and land in Ireland. This was undertaken by Richard Griffith and was published between 1847 and 1864.

1876 Landowners of Ireland

This 19th century tax survey created by the Government Board in Ireland provides an index to all individuals who owned 1 acre or more of land which was published in 1876. It is arranged alphabetically by County where the land is situated, so there may be holdings in more than one county. It provides the name of the owner: their address (town or village only); how much land they owned in the County and its gross estimated rental value.

Indexes to Irish Census Records 1891 to 1911
These link through to the original records on the Irish National Archives site


These give family trees  and background information on families
1887 Irish Pedigrees
1888 Irish Pedigrees

*Directories and Almanacs can be invaluable in showing where people lived and jobs they held.
1846 Dublin Almanac
1905 Belfast Kelly's Directory
1905 Connaught Kelly's Directory
1905 Dublin Kelly's Directory
1905 Leinster Kelly's Directory
1905 Munster Kelly's Directory
1905 Ulster Kelly's Directory
1910 Dublin Directory
1926 Belfast and Ulster Directory
1927 Ireland Directory
1927 Ireland Trade Directory

How to: searching the Irish Records Collection

Go to the ‘British & International Records’ section on your Research view page and select 'Irish Records’

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You’ll then be taken to the menu page, where you can either a select a book to browse or use the forename and surname search option.

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Browsing the records

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  1. The books are easily browsed page by page, using the navigation icons to the left.
  2. You can also search all books via the main menu.
  3. To save time if you need to jump to a particular section, bookmarks are available to make browsing the book easier.


  Searching the records

If you opt to use the forename and surname search, you will be re-directed to the Master Search for your results list.

You can move between countries using the options to the left of the results.

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Locating other Irish Records included in your subscription

There are also records that include Irish individuals which are not listed in the Irish Records collection as they provide National coverage of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  These record sets include Military Lists, Occupational records, Peerage and Heritage records, and can be located under the relevant sections on your Search page.