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The Overseas BMD Indexes are available under "Birth Marriage and Death Indexes", and cover the births, marriages and deaths of British Service Personnel throughout the world. The data set currently includes:

  • Marine Births: 1837-1965
  • Army Births & Registers, Marriages and Deaths: 1747-1980
  • Air Births, Deaths & Missing Persons: 1947-1965
  • Consular Birth, Marriages, Deaths: 1849-1915
  • High Commission Births, Marriages, Deaths: 1899-1964
  • Informal Certificates of Birth at Sea: 1839-1867
  • Ionian Island Births, Marriages, Deaths: 1818-1864
  • Marriages & Deaths Abroad: 1966-1994
  • Regimental Births: 1407-1997
  • Article 6/18 Marriage: 1961-1965

Also available are Overseas Marine Deaths, which cover deaths at sea onboard British ships from 1837, containing over 210, 00 records.

The World War I and World War II Death Indexes provides an official GRO index reference as per the standard BMD Index, and you can obtain an Overseas Death certificate at Accessed from your Research View page under "Birth Marriage and Death Indexes", both World War indexes are in the same format as the Overseas BMD indexes.

These records can be searched directly via the Master Search using a standard Birth, Marriage or Death Search.

You can then refine your results to look at these specific data sets by selecting the option from the data lists on the left hand side of the page.

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Alternatively you can search these data sets by the drop down menu located below the Master Search.

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This search allows you to search across all the record-sets or to select a specific set, e.g. Consular Births using the ‘Section’ drop down menu. You can also narrow down your search by enter the ship/unit and the year of event.

2015 SeaBMD3.jpg

The results displayed provide all the information given on the original image, including the official GRO reference, which you will need if you wish to order an overseas certificate at There is also a link on the right which will allow you to view the original page if you wish to confirm the details on the transcript or print the image for your records.

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