TreeView Research Guide

TreeView is a new system on TheGenealogist that lets you create your family tree, or if you already have one, import all the information about your family tree so that you can access it from any PC with an internet connection. Some of TreeView's features are:

  • A fully navigable ancestor photo tree.
  • Wide GEDCOM support - Add individuals, families, events, facts, notes and sources.
  • Easy-to-use interface: using the family tree view or individual view, you can quickly enter all your family's details.
  • Proving the information on a tree is an important stage in research. We now allow subscribers to TheGenealogist to save data entries to both the Research Log and to TreeView. Once the data has been saved to TreeView it can be linked to an individual. Using the census entries, this will help you substantiate both the family links and years of birth.
  • Upload and store your photos and link them to your tree, family members and events. So now you can add a picture to that wedding and put faces to all those names.
  • Share Your Tree - You can share your tree with friends and family. The people you invite to your tree will not be able to edit or delete any details so you can be rest assured that nothing will change the next time you log in!
  • An individual list with smart search (ability to search for any part of name).
  • Individual and Family cards with an easy to use 'Tab' interface.
  • Ability to add, edit and delete individuals, families, events/facts, addresses, sources, notes and repositories.

What's New?

For those of you who have never experienced TreeView before, this is a great time to start as we have now launched our new and improved version, which allows you to view your whole tree and also search other user's trees to find further information. You can create multiple trees within one account and navigate between them easily. You can contact other members about their trees bringing you in touch with living relatives and also allowing you to print off your entire tree.

We've also linked TreeView directly to TheGenealogist, so you can see which of your individuals has possible matching entries on the census, BMDs, wills and parish records.

A new Treeview App is available for all Facebook users, enabling you to generate trees automatically from your family members on Facebook and you can also send invitations to your friends to view your tree.