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I just can not express how I feel right now. You have given me something so, so special and brought 15 years of shear frustration to an end. I was about to give up on my hobby thinking I could get no more information and believing the family was not traceable. How can I ever say thanks for this I can only promise you I will continue to renew my subscription for a long time yet. I never ever thought you would offer me so much help.
B. Connor – Cheshire
I find the genealogist a very helpful site. I have found many ancestors there that are obviously mis-transcribed by other sites and whom I have not been able to find anywhere else. Thank you and please keep up the good work
J. Hedges – New Zealand
Several days ago I decided to join The Genealogist and immediately found my family in the 1851 census, something which I failed to do via Ancestry. This intrigued me, and armed with the piece, book, folio and page numbers from The Genealogist, I searched again on Ancestry, but still to no avail. I couldn't find my family or any of their neighbours on Ancestry.
Dear sirs,Words fail me, I simply cannot thank you enough for the service you have done me. I have searched for this record for years,and here you are providing me the answer in a single e-mail,thank you so much.
Bernard M - Cornwall
Many thanks for such an outstanding customer-service response. Glad to have been able to help identify the issue and assist what has become an excellent website for those of us involved in genealogical research. Again, many thanks.
Robin C - Oxon
I thought I'd drop a line to thank you for a fantastic service over the past few months. I use The Genealogist all the time for my family research and have never had a problem getting onto the site; nor has there ever been a delay in loading the pages. It's been a great help.Thanks! Regards,
Clare D - Milton Keynes
THANK YOU! YOU'VE BEEN BY FAR THE MOST HELPFUL OF ALL THE SITES I'VE VISITED. I've found what I was looking for – and more! - and have ordered my certificates. Your site is well worth the small price you charge. Regards,
Trudy G - Australia
Thanks very much for your help in finding my Ancestor in the above Census. I am sure will agree that I would never have found him with the spelling Simmers without your help. Thanks once again. As he was born on 17th January 1860 this would make him 11 years old and not 14 as given.
Susan M - UK
The service you provide is very useful to me and certainly more convenient than travelling to the London Centre to look up the actual indexes.
Mike W - Scotland
Can't thank you enough - so much easier when it is explained by the experts. Found the missing Godsalve families thanks to you.
Joyce T - Kent
May I proffer my grateful thanks to you for your sterling efforts on my behalf! You have solved a 16 year old problem with great flair. Although I suspect the solution looks rather easier than it was. Once again, thank you for a magnificent effort.
Dunstan H - Australia
I must say that the site is excellent and in one night I have managed to find 7 deaths of some of my family.
Julie G - Essex
Thank you for this. It's an excellent facility. It has, in half an hour, enabled to find one person almost certainly, with the registration details so I can get the certificate to check.
Caroline B - Worcestershire
I would also like to congratulate you on the information you are providing. It makes an enormous difference to people such as myself who don't always have the opportunity to visit research centres and work within a fairly limited budget. Very best wishes
Helen M in sunny Queensland, Australia
This is a great aid and saved me hours of searching. With the use of the wildcard I was even able to find an entry where the surname is shown incorrectly. Well done all volunteers.
Gary L - UK
Im so pleased someone recommended your site. I have found my long searched for GGPx3 when I had just about given up. It has given me GGFx3 birthplace which now sets me back on course. Many thanks.
Heather M - Norfolk
Hi I have just purchased an all inclusive (premium) subscription this is excellent calue I have 17 thousand plus names in my tree and it was getting incresingly difficult to trace some of them now I can search as much as I like and find all the missing pieces to confirm the tree thanks for these offers makes things a lot easier I recommend the all inclusive (premium) packages to anyone.
Angela G - Lancashire
I must say, I'm thrilled with the BMD side of your site, and will spend many happy hours looking for the index numbers of ancestors, (and dreaming of many, many £s to buy all the certificates). Thanks once again
Liz S - Wales
I have just subscribed to the Durham 1871 online Census Index and have found it very easy to use. Well done for developing this very useful facility (what a mammoth task) - and thank you for making it available at a reasonable price.
Helen A - Northants
I am researching the 1700's - thanks to your excellent census records of 1841 & 51. Many thanks - will pass your web site on to the Red Beach Genealogy Society meeting this month.
Maureen S - New Zealand
Since subscribing to Personal Premium (Gold) I have been able to fill in many gaps in my family history. In particular I have found family members in your BMD images that were not in the FreeBMD Index. The subscription is proving very worthwhile.
Rowland Charles H - Somerset
I found your site very useful in finding BMD information that was not available on any other site I tried which has set me off on a new trail of detective work. I am already recommending your site to other family historians. Thank you once again,
John S - Chesire
Thank you for an excellent web site! I have just logged on and used the SMARTSEARCH facility. This proved so helpful to my research. You guys are doing a great job. You come highly recommended and you live up to that recommendation!
Hilary O - Worcestershire
Thank you!!! At last I have found my only two outstanding great-great grandparents and the highly elusive great grandfather who I couldn't trace before his marriage - I've been hunting for him for twenty years!
I have never had such wonderful service from any of the other companies I have dealt with in the past. Please pass on my thanks. Also I would like to thank you for puttin online BMDindex, having found several members of the family who have eluded me for quite some time. As I am now mainly housebound this service has been an enourmous help in my hobby
R.S. West Midlands, UK
Magic idea and service — have just had a go and found it was very user friendly and fast.
B.B. Australia
I had a look at the site this morning and thought it was excellent. The sign-in process was easy, and the searches were fast... Congratulations on an important new genealogical initiative!
I really like the way your site is set up - it is very user friendly and I have been able to get a lot of information from it. It is such a fantastic facility you are providing.
E. Skehan – Ireland
Thank you very much. Great service and very prompt.
G. Blanchard – Norfolk
I've belonged to several other family history websites over a number of years and not been able to get anywhere tracing my great great grandfather. Thanks to your website within the space of an hour I had found his baptism, a family census from 1841 and where he lived in Leeds. All this with the free trial credits. I am definitely going to take out a subscription. If you want to put this endorsement on your website then please do so because I think it is a fantastic resource with a level of detail you can't get on other websites which cater for a lot of American interests rather than British ones.
L. Carnell - Yorkshire
As a brand-new subscriber, I have found your site to be of tremendous use, already! I believe it to be the best bargain of the various genealogy sites I've visited.
P. Vaughan - Canada
Just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for the way in which you have assisted me over the last few days...and with just promptness and politeness. It is quite rare now to get such help and courtesy that I just had to compliment you and hope you all continue to prosper. I will certainly be telling my friends about your site.
P. Newton – Surrey
I very much appreciate your efforts and the service you have provided. It is great for people like myself who live so far from the UK, to be able to access the parish records via the internet. It is just amazing what one can find out these days, researching from a distance!
M. Steenvoorde – Australia
I must say the site is excellent and presentation is first class. I look fwd to continued use. Many thanks again.
D. Watts
The Genealogist is my favourite genealogy website, and I've visited a very great number. :-)
L. Milord - Illinois USA
I would just like to say your site is very good and easy to navigate, and have recommended your site to other friends who are doing their family trees as well.
M. Card – Surrey
It would seem to me that you are far more helpful than the others I have subscribed to in the past.
D. Roberts – Victoria, Canada
I have found your site both expertly run and informative
K. Stokes – Gloucestershire
I cannot speak highly enough of the value of "The Genealogist" data sets, particularly the RG6 Quaker records and PCC wills.
J. Clement – Shropshire
I have found this site extremely helpful and supplied me with huge gaps in my tree being filled up and many making sense of family mysteries.
Captain K. Appleby – Northumberland
Thank you for restoring my faith that there are honest, useful and helpful websites out there that don't want to rip you off...
R. Gibbons - NSW Australia
It has been a wonderful adventure, making so many discoveries about my family history through your service
S. Johnson – Hertfordshire
The Genealogist is the best genealogy site I have used by far. I have particularly enjoyed using the high quality and extensive non-conformist records on the site. I have always recommended the site to people I know who have been studying their family history.
D. Almond – Lancashire
Your site proved invaluable with the fleet marriages I was able to find my gt x 6 grandfathers marriage which had previously eluded me.
J. Harber – Sussex
I have really enjoyed your site - I think it is one of the best out there for English research. Your complete scans of the non-conformist records are wonderful. I never would have found my brick wall ancestor without them.
S. Mortensen – Idaho USA
I am very very impressed with the site and it has been well designed as it is easy to find the links and to move around the info
J. McCall-Peat – South Africa
I find the site easy to use and informative and you have always been very helpful to me if I have had a problem.
D. Porter – NSW Australia
I have been very happy with the service you provide, I think its an excellent website and I managed to find out alot of new information from it that I couldn't get elsewhere.
J. Waters – Northamptonshire
Your web site has been particularly helpful in obtaining information on tradesmen.
B. Young – Berkshire
The reason I bought a 6 month unlimited membership is because of the ease of use when searching the census documents. I have an international membership at and their search returns sometimes very irrelevant matches. I don't know who did your transcribing, but it is WAY more accurate then the transcriptions at ancestry. I have to give credit there!
T. Mitchell, Chilliwack Canada
Just to let you know I am very pleased with your site and have discovered something I never knew about one of my ancestors from your census transcripts - beats Ancestry hands down!
E. Perkins, Norwich
I came on your site the other day and within an hour had found out all the information I have been looking for in numerous other sites at a lot of cost. Well done, will recommend you site to anyone who needs you type of service.
James Watson, Glasgow
It took just a few minutes of using your trial offer to persuade me to take out a full year's subscription. Am I disappointed? Far from it!! In next to no time has it not only been possible to find invaluable leads to a Derbyshire branch of my wife's side of our tree, but also to sort out details of ancestors with a very common surname in Cumberland. Have been researching these for weeks without any success on a certain other site (no prizes for guessing which one). My subscription there expires in the next few days, and most certainly will not be renewed. I have already sung your praises to a second cousin, and will be contacting another cousin, even more distant, to let her know of my successes, and to recommend you to her as well. Many many thanks for a quite outstanding service.
D. Eccleston, Staffordshire
Am very impressed with your site, have already found several families that I could not trace elsewhere. The site is easy to use, and most comprehensive. Will most certainly be taking out a subscription.
F. Jones – Shropshire
I can understand why your site has won awards as I have already managed to locate some family members that have eluded me for a number of years.
L. Cook – Yorkshire
Your website has allowed me to find people that I had searched for ages. The surname Taws is often mis-spelt as Tawes, Tawse, Tors. Your facility to search on forenames allowed me to find the family. I was impressed.
S. Hewings – Warwickshire
So far I am impressed by the BMD searches I've made on Genealogist – neat and nicer to use than Ancestry and Find-my-Past.
D. Napier, Bristol
The best value for money that I have ever come across! Brilliant! Keep up the good work
S. Roberts, Cheshire
I thought I'd try a subscription with The Genealogist and the difference is amazing. The images load like lightning, compared to the time it took with Ancestry and the search engines are much more comprehensive. Not only that, it's much much cheaper than Ancestry. I'm so glad I made the change!
K. Long – Wiltshire
I have several other subscriptions, but your search facility is less cumbersome and very precise and search results are extremely user friendly and easy to sift through and view.
L. McKenna, Sydney Australia
I would also like to take the opportunity to say how much I enjoy your site, so much better than some others on the 'net.
A. Major, Victoria Australia

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