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Reminiscences - My Grandfathers story 4th June 2010 Family History

My grandfather’s war diary made interesting reading and before he died in October 1971 he wrote a short account of his four years at war which he called Reminiscences. He thought that a few of the extracts may be of interest to 'old soldiers who haven't faded away'.
Frank Hampton was born in ... Read full article...

Moor Quakers 25th February 2010 Specialist Indexes

Researching British ancestors from Australia can be difficult, but the internet increasingly makes for greater success. A case in point is my maternal great great grandfather, John William Baker.

I have long known that he arrived in Australia with his wife Margaret as unassisted passengers on ... Read full article...

The Mosley family 11th January 2010 Family History

This site has proved invaluable in finding out all about my ancestors, I discovered that my gran was born in Henley workhouse, and that I had an extended family living in three neighboring houses in one street in Derby, and as such discovered family in Australia, America and Poland.

It has proved ... Read full article...