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Just by Chance 21st April 2007 BMD Indexes

This is the story, taken almost verbatim from my diary, of a discovery made when I was almost 67 years of age, that changed my life. It is recorded here just as it happened.

Chance, or luck, plays a great part in our lives.
Of course when we look back at a sequence of decisions and their ... Read full article...

Ancestors' Stories 1st January 2007 Family History

Whilst indexing the Kings Lynn census I made a discovery about my great great grandmother, Elizabeth Hornigold (1845 - 1927).

She was one of 13 children born to William and Margaret (nee Grimmett) Hornigold of Kings Lynn, Norfolk. I then discovered at the age of 16 Elizabeth gave birth to an ... Read full article...

Mannix Family Tree 1st December 2006 Family History

I am an inveterate family history researcher and I have been researching the families from whom I am descended, both Paternal and Maternal, for about 15 years now.

To date I have researched 21 different families from England, Wales and Ireland, including: Boyle,Burns,Doran,Davies,Edwards,Evans,... Read full article...