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Unlimited access to our extensive collection of thousands of parishes, this currently includes parish records from 43 counties across England and Scotland.

These are available in two main formats, database (Transcripts) and searchable book images (Printed Books).

The database records consist of easily searched transcripts of the original records which allow you to search them on various fields and may also have linked images of the original registers.

The searchable books consist of indexed books that were transcribed and published many years ago, many over 110 years old. These transcript books have then been OCR'd (Optical Character Recognition) to turn the pages into searchable text.

All Diamond subscribers will have priority access to our forthcoming parish records.

Currently Includes


Alderton 1606-1812 [Book]

Allington 1623-1812 [Book]

Alton Barnes 1597-1812 [Book]

Ashley 1658-1812 [Book]

Baverstock 1559-1812 [Book]

Beechingstoke 1590-1812 [Book]

Boscombe 1696-1812 [Book]

Boyton 1560-1837 [Book]

Bratton 1542-1837 [Book]

Brinkworth 1653-1812 [Book]

Britford 1573-1812 [Book]

Bulford 1608-1812 [Book]

Castle Eaton 1549-1812 [Book]

Charlton - near Pewsey 1696-1812 [Book]

Cherington als. Chirton 1588-1812 [Book]

Chisledon 1641-1812 [Book]

Cholderton 1664-1752 [Book]

Christian Malford 1653-1812 [Book]

Clyffe Pypard 1576-1837 [Book]

Colerne 1560-1575 and 1640-1651/2 parish registers. Marriages. Vol V. [Book]

Colerne 1661-1812 parish registers. Marriages. Vol IV. [Book]

Collingbourne Ducis 1654-1837 parish registers. Marriages. Vol XII. [Book]

Crudwell 1662-1812 [Book]

Devizes (St John the Baptist) 1559-1837 [Book]

Durrington 1591-1812 parish registers. Marriages. Vol II. [Book]

East Knoyle 1538-1812 [Book]

Eisey 1575-1837 [Book]

Fuggleston with Bemerton 1608-1837 [Book]

Great als. Broad Somerford 1707-1812 [Book]

Grittleton 1573-1812 [Book]

Hankerton 1700-1837 [Book]

Heytesbury 1654-1837 [Book]

Huish 1684-1812 parish registers. Marriages. Vol VII. [Book]

Idmiston [Book]

Kemble 1679-1812 [Book]

Kingston Deverill 1706-1812 [Book]

Kington St. Michael 1563-1837 [Book]

Knook 1695-1837 [Book]

Latton 1578-1837 [Book]

Laverstock 1726-1812 [Book]

Leigh Delamere 1735-1812 parish registers. Marriages. Vol I. [Book]

Little Somerford 1708-1812 [Book]

Long Newnton 1653-1812 [Book]

Luckington 1573-1837 parish registers. Marriages. Vol XI. [Book]

Lydiard Millicent 1580-1837 [Book]

Marden 1693-1812 [Book]

Market Lavington 1673-1812 [Book]

Marlborough - St Mary's 1602-1812 [Book]

Marlborough - St Peter's 1611-1812 [Book]

Mere 1561-1812 [Book]

Milston 1540-1812 [Book]

Minety 1663-1812 [Book]

Monkton Deverill 1749-1812 [Book]

Netherhampton (Baptisms) 1813-1994

Netherhampton (Burials) 1785-1991

Netherhampton (Marriages) 1701-1912

Newton Tony 1591-1812 [Book]

Norton 1663-1812 [Book]

Patney 1594-1812 [Book]

Preshute 1606-1812 [Book]

Purton 1558-1812 [Book]

Salisbury - St Edmund (concluded) 1741-1837 [Book]

Salisbury - St Martin 1559-1812 parish registers. Marriages. Vol IX. [Book]

Salisbury - St Thomas 1570-1812 [Book]

Salisbury - The Cathedral 1564-1812 [Book]

Salisbury St. Edmund 1559-1740-1 parish registers. Marriages. Vol XIII. [Book]

Sherrington 1677-1837 [Book]

Sherston Magna 1653-1812 [Book]

Sopworth 1698-1812 [Book]

Southbroom 1572-1837 [Book]

Stert 1579-1812 [Book]

Stockton 1590-1812 [Book]

Stratford-sub-Castle 1654-1837 parish registers. Marriages. Vol XIV. [Book]

Urchfont 1538-1812 [Book]

West Knoyle 1719-1837 parish registers. Marriages. Vol X. [Book]

Whiteparish 1560-1837 [Book]

Wiltshire [Book]

Wiltshire [Book]

Wiltshire [Book]

Wiltshire [Book]

Wiltshire [Book]

Wiltshire [Book]

Wiltshire [Book]

Wiltshire [Book]

Wiltshire [Book]

Wiltshire [Book]

Wiltshire [Book]

Wiltshire [Book]

Wiltshire [Book]

Winterslow 1598-1812 etc [Book]

Woodborough 1567-1837 [Book]

Yatton Keynell 1653-1812 [Book]

with Porton 1577-1812 parish registers. Marriages. Vol VIII. [Book]

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