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Unlimited access to our extensive collection of thousands of parishes, this currently includes parish records from 43 counties across England and Scotland.

These are available in two main formats, database (Transcripts) and searchable book images (Printed Books).

The database records consist of easily searched transcripts of the original records which allow you to search them on various fields and may also have linked images of the original registers.

The searchable books consist of indexed books that were transcribed and published many years ago, many over 110 years old. These transcript books have then been OCR'd (Optical Character Recognition) to turn the pages into searchable text.

All Diamond subscribers will have priority access to our forthcoming parish records.

Currently Includes


Adel (Baptisms) 1606-1812

Adel (Burials) 1606-1811

Adel (Marriages) 1606-1812

Blacktoft (Baptisms) 1639-1812

Blacktoft (Burials) 1700-1812

Blacktoft (Marriages) 1700-1900

Burnsall In Craven (Banns) 1654-1656

Burnsall In Craven (Baptisms) 1559-1699

Burnsall In Craven (Burials) 1559-1699

Burnsall In Craven (Marriages) 1559-1699

Calverley (Baptisms) 1538-1800

Calverley (Burials) 1538-1834

Calverley (Marriages) 1588-1825

Cherry Burton (Baptisms) 1597-1740

Cherry Burton (Burials) 1561-1740

Cherry Burton (Marriages) 1562-1740

Doncaster St George 1557-1784 marriage registers. Vol. III. [Book]

Ecclesfield St Mary (Marriages) 1558-1621

Elland (Baptisms) 1546-1714

Elland (Burials) 1559-1713

Elland (Marriages) 1559-1713

Farnham (Baptisms) 1569-1812

Farnham (Burials) 1570-1812

Farnham (Marriages) 1570-1814

Foston On The Wold (Baptisms) 1704-1743

Foston On The Wold (Burials) 1704-1743

Foston On The Wold (Marriages) 1704-1740

Guiseley (Baptisms) 1584-1719

Guiseley (Burials) 1584-1720

Guiseley (Marriages) 1585-1720

Harewood (Baptisms) 1614-1970

Harewood (Marriages) 1620-1812

Harwood (Marriages) 1694-1753

Howden (Baptisms) 1631-1725

Howden (Burials) 1659-1723

Howden (Marriages) 1703-1743

Huggate (Banns) 1757-1812

Huggate (Baptisms) 1539-1812

Huggate (Burials) 1539-1812

Huggate (Marriages) 1539-1812

Ingleby Greenhow (Banns) 1654-1659

Ingleby Greenhow (Baptisms) 1539-1800

Ingleby Greenhow (Burials) 1539-1800

Ingleby Greenhow (Marriages) 1560-1798

Kirk Ella (Baptisms) 1558-1837

Kirk Ella (Burials) 1441-1837

Kirk Ella (Marriages) 1558-1842

Kirkby Malham (Baptisms) 1544-1910

Kirkby Malham (Burials) 1561-1909

Kirkby Malham (Marriages) 1559-1909

Kirklington (Baptisms) 1568-1812

Kirklington (Burials) 1569-1812

Kirklington (Marriages) 1569-1812

Leeds (Baptisms) 1634-1702

Leeds (Burials) 1600-1694

Leeds (Marriages) 1619-1690

Lunds Chapel, Aysgarth (Baptisms) 1749-1838

Lunds Chapel, Aysgarth (Burials) 1754-1838

Lunds Chapel, Aysgarth (Marriages) 1756-1834

Methley (Baptisms) 1559-1812

Methley (Burials) 1559-1812

Methley (Marriages) 1559-1812

Monk Fryston (Baptisms) 1538-1678

Monk Fryston (Burials) 1538-1678

Monk Fryston (Marriages) 1539-1678

Otley (Baptisms) 1563-1672

Otley (Burials) 1563-1672

Otley (Marriages) 1562-1695

Pickhill-cum-roxby (Banns) 1756-1758

Pickhill-cum-roxby (Baptisms) 1571-1813

Pickhill-cum-roxby (Burials) 1576-1812

Pickhill-cum-roxby (Marriages) 1567-1812

Rotherham 1540-1798 marriage registers. [Book]

Rotherham 1798-1837 marriage registers. Vol. II. and index. [Book]

Saddleworth St Chad (Marriages) 1591-1774

Scarborough (Burials) 1653-1803

Scarborough (Marriages) 1653-1800

Scorborough (Baptisms) 1655-1801

Sheffield 1560-1634-5 Parish Registers of Baptisms and Marriages Part I [Book]

Snaith (Burials) 1463-1656

St Chad, Saddleworth (Baptisms) 1613-1759

St Chad, Saddleworth (Burials) 1613-1839

St Mary's, Ecclesfield (Baptisms) 1576-1622

St Mary's, Ecclesfield (Burials) 1558-1606

Terrington (Banns) 1755-1765

Terrington (Baptisms) 1600-1812

Terrington (Burials) 1599-1812

Terrington (Marriages) 1599-1812

Thwing (Baptisms) 1691-1726

Thwing (Burials) 1691-1726

Thwing (Marriages) 1692-1723

Topcliffe And Morley (Baptisms) 1645-1830

Topcliffe And Morley (Burials) 1656-1885

West Riding [Book]

West Riding [Book]

York [Book]

Yorkshire [Book]

Yorkshire [Book]

Yorkshire [Book]

Yorkshire Doncaster St George 1785-1837 marriage registers. Vol. IV [Book]

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