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Scottish records include directories from 1406 to 1949, landowner records, parish registers, school/university registers and wills.

Irish records include directories, wills, land owner and heraldry/pedigree records.

We have also added directories, almanachs, pedigree and roll of honour records for the Channel Isles.

International records include directories, early passenger lists to America, civil service lists, almanachs, electoral registers and telephone directories.

Almanachs are annual publications containing data and statistics for the area. Many of these also include residential and business listings, similar to those found in directories.

Currently Includes

Canadian Records

Online access to our Canadian Records.

Passenger Lists

Passenger lists of people leaving from or moving through the United Kingdom by sea kept by the Board of Trade's Commercial and Statistical Department and its successors. Currently covers the years 1896 to 1909. BT27 - Board of Trade: Commercial and Statistical Department and successors: Outwards Passenger Lists

American Records

Online access to our American Records.


1654-1658 Bristol and America

1600-1700 Persons of Quality from Great Britain to US

1851 Boston Almanac

America, Colonel David Waterbury Jr.'s Connecticut Volunteers

1859 America, Vermont Directory

1835-6 America, Directory of Newark

Langley's San Francisco Directory May 1887

Australian Records

Online access to our Australian Records.

Australian Convict Transportation Registers

Online access to Convict Transportation Registers 1787-1867. Includes details of convicts transported to Australia during the 18th and 19th centuries. The records mainly include those convicted in England, Wales and Scotland, but also include a small number of Irish convicts, and soldiers who had been court-martialed and sentenced to transportation. These 'soldier convicts' may have been convicted in various British colonies, including the West Indies, Canada, India, and Pakistan.


1880 - A Glance at Australia

1883 Official Directory and Almanac of Australia

1834 New South Wales Post Office Directory with Census Detail

1907 Storekeepers & Traders of Victoria Country Directory

1934 Telephone Directory Brisbane

1905 Queensland at Home

1920 Melbourne, Kew Suburban Guide and Business Directory

1936 Ramsay's Melbourne and Suburban Business Directory

1898 New South Wales, Yewen's Directory Of Landholders

1924 Melbourne Telephone Directory

1934 (May) Melbourne Telephone Directory

1936-7 Tasmania Post Office Directory

1931 Western Australia Post Office Directory

1936 (November) Melbourne Telephone Directory

1857 The Rise and Progress of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand

1931 Australia, Tasmania Post Office Directory

1915 Australia's Roll of Honour

Circa 1940s Australia, The Australian Radio Log Book

1931 Australia, The Tasmanian Cyclopedia

1934 An Australian Biographical Dictionary

1931 Australia, Adelaide Telephone Directory

1919 South Australian Directory

Australia, Cyclopedia of Victoria Vol 1

Australia, Cyclopedia of Victoria Vol 2

Australia, Cyclopedia of Victoria Vol 3

1929 Australia, Tasmania Post Office Directory

Channel Isle Records

Online access to our Channel Isles Records.

Channel Islands

1893 Jersey Almanach

1925 Jersey Almanach

1929 Jersey Almanach

1930 Jersey Almanach

1931 Jersey Almanach

1932 Jersey Almanach

1933 Jersey Almanach

1934 Jersey Almanach

1937 Jersey Almanach

1940 Jersey Almanach

1899 Channel Isles Kelly's Directory

1914-1919 Jersey Roll of Honour

1837-1937 Voisin & Co, Through Six Reigns

1938-1940 Jersey Methodist

1911 Channel Isles Kelly's Directory

1933-1937 Jersey Methodist

1831 Channel Islands Almanach

1836 Channel Islands Almanach

1866 Channel Islands Almanach

Indian Records

Online access to our Indian Records.


1805 East India Register and Directory

1865 Indian Army & Civil Service List

East India Register and Directory, 1834

East India Register and Directory, 1820

Irish Records

Online access to our Irish Records.


1927 Ireland Directory

1927 Ireland MP's Directory

1927 Ireland Trade Directory

1905 Belfast Kelly's Directory

1905 Connaught Kelly's Directory

1905 Dublin Kelly's Directory

1905 Leinster Kelly's Directory

1905 Munster Kelly's Directory

1905 Ulster Kelly's Directory

1876 Landowners of Ireland

1536 - 1810 Irish Wills

1887 Irish Pedigrees

1888 Irish Pedigrees

1910 Dublin Directory

1899-1900 UK Telephone Directory

1846 Dublin Almanac

1926 Belfast and Ulster Directory

New Zealand Records

Online access to our New Zealand Records.

New Zealand Early Settlers

Containing records of over 13,000 early settlers of New Zealand. Title, forename, surname, date of birth and date of death are provided for the individual, both for settlers and those subsequently born in New Zealand. The vessel and first place of residence are provided about the settlement. (All information where available) The settlers, often know as Pakeha settlers, braved the three month sea journey crossing to travel to New Zealand and set up a new life. Settlement increased significantly from 1837 onwards, in most part due to the setting up of the ‘New Zealand Association’ whose purpose was the colonisation of the country. These aims were achieved through a number of ship voyages and ‘The New Zealand Land Company’ which purchased large areas of land from the Maori. The land was then used as the basis for the new settlements and sold off in parcels to those who immigrated there.

New Zealand Early Military

This currently contains a roll of over 4,000 Holders of the New Zealand Medal and those who were killed in action during the war of 1860-70. From the 1840's New Zealand has been protected by a number of militia and volunteer forces. These units were initially set up after pressure from settlers that the British Imperial Troops deployed from Australia, who were New Zealand's sole security force, were not capable of providing the required protection.

New Zealand

1938 New Zealand Post Office Professional Directory

1938 New Zealand Post Office Street Directory

1885 New Zealand, Southern Provinces Almanac

1868 New Zealand, Wellington Almanac

1920-1921 Canterbury, Marlborough, Nelson and Westland Directory

1934 New Zealand, Stone's Otago & Southland Directory

New Zealand, The Auckland Regiment

1915 New Zealand's Roll of Honour

New Zealand, The Defenders of New Zealand and Maori History of the War

1840-1902 New Zealand, Roll of Honour (Defenders of the Empire Resident in NZ)

New Zealand, The History of Methodism

1872-73 New Zealand, Wise's Commercial Directory

Scottish Records

Online access to our Scottish Records.


1406-1700 Roll of Edinburgh Burgesses and Guild-Brethren

1923-1924 Aberdeen Post Office Directory

1930 (Circa) The Official Guide to Edinburgh

1930-31 Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory

1849-1850 Glasgow Post Office Directory

1773-4 Edinburgh Directory

1857-8 Edinburgh Leith Directory

1783-4 Glasgow Directory

1851-2 Glasgow Post Office Directory

1825 Haddington Register

1915 Orkney & Shetland Directory

1893-4 Perth & Perthshire Directory

1860 Royal Scottish Volunteer Review in Holyrood Park

1787 Glasgow Directory

1882-3 Greenock Post Office Directory

1728-1858 Glasgow University Matriculation Albums

1601 - 1700 Edinburgh Wills

1764-1814 Durness Parish Registers

1728-1854 Restalrig Parish Registers

1673-1714 Torphichen Parish Registers

1914-1918 Edinburgh Royal High School Roll of Honour

1913-1914 Glasgow Post Office Directory

1892-1893 Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory

1880 Edinburgh Almanac

1891 Edinburgh Almanac

1874-1875 Glasgow Post Office Directory

1914-1915 Glasgow Post Office Directory

1925-1926 Glasgow Post Office Directory

1861-62 Glasgow Post Office Directory

1689-1710 Old Scots Navy

1907-1908 Glasgow Post Office Directory

1948-49 Aberdeen Post Office Directory

1877-1878 Edinburgh and Leith Post Office Directory

South African Records

Online access to our South African Records.

South Africa

1908 Cape of Good Hope Civil Service List

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