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Access to our Wills and Testaments including access to our famous Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) Wills, giving you access to the original Will Record Images, and a great insight into your relatives history.

Until the Court of Probate Act in 1857, probate was granted by ecclesiastical courts of England and Wales. The PCC was one of the largest of these courts and, as such, heard cases from relatively wealthy individuals, mostly from the south of the UK.

The records are copies off registered wills, which were written into volumes by the clerks at the church courts, and many earlier records are in Latin.

This dataset covers the years 1384 to 1858 and is an on-going project for us, with 474 years worth of wills currently online and over 1,010,000 records.

Bristol, Edinburgh and a variety of Yorkshire volumes have also been added to our will indexes, with more to follow soon.

Wills are a valuable source of genealogical information. They can give details of family members, places of residence and burial, as well as revealing details about their possessions.

We also have various Will Indexes which cover most areas of the country

Currently Includes


1626-1836 America, New York Calendar of Wills (Index)

1682-1800 America, Delaware New Castle County Wills (Index)

1733-1744 America, Maryland Calendar of Wills Vol.VIII (Index)


Berkshire Wills and Administrations 1508 - 1652 (Index)


Bristol Wills 1572-1792 (Index)


Chester Wills 1545-1620 (Index)

Chester Wills 1681-1700 (Index)

Chester Wills 1701-1720 (Index)

Chester Wills 1721-1740 (Index)

Lancashire & Cheshire Funeral Certificates 1600-1678 (Index)


Devonshire Wills 1559-1799 (Index)


Dorset Wills 1568 - 1799 (Index)

Index of Dorset Wills 1500-1799 (Index)


Bristol Wills 1572-1792 (Index)

Gloucestershire Wills 1660 - 1800 (Index)


1479-1652 Huntingdon Wills (Index)

Diamond Logo Ireland: Calendar of Wills and Administrations 1858-1922

Online access to Ireland: Calendar of Wills and Administrations 1858-1922

Diamond Logo Ireland: Dublin Will and Grant Books

Online access to Ireland: Dublin Will and Grant Books

Diamond Logo Ireland: Prerogative and Diocesan Copies of Wills and Indexes 1596-1858

Online access to Ireland: Prerogative and Diocesan Copies of Wills and Indexes 1596-1858

Diamond Logo Ireland: Soldiers’ Wills 1914-1918

Online access to Ireland: Soldiers’ Wills 1914-1918

Diamond Logo Ireland: Will Registers 1858-1900

Online access to Ireland: Will Registers 1858-1900

Diamond Logo Ireland: Wills Index, 1484 - 1858

Online access to Irish Wills Index 1484 - 1858.


Irish Wills 1536 - 1810 (Index)


Genealogical Abstracts of Wills, Register 'Wootton' 1658 (Index)

Kent Records Vol.III - A Calendar of Wills (Index)


Lancashire & Cheshire Funeral Certificates 1600-1678 (Index)

Lancashire and Cheshire Wills 1301-1752 (Index)

Lancashire and Cheshire Wills 1660-1680 (Index)

Lancashire and Cheshire Wills 1681-1700 (Index)

Lancashire Wills 1621-1650 (Index)

Lancashire Wills 1681-1748 (Index)

Lancashire Wills 1748-1792 (Index)

Lancashire Wills proved at Richmond 1457-1680 (Index)

Lancaster Wills 1793-1812 (Index)


Leicestershire Wills 1495 (Index)

Leicestershire Wills 1660 (Index)


Lincoln Wills 1540 - 1659 (Index)


London Wills 1258-1358 (Index)

London Wills 1358-1688 (Index)


Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills Index 1383-1558 (Index)

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills Index 1558-1583 (Index)

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills Index 1657-1660 (Index)


Northamptonshire and Rutland Calendar of Wills 1510-1652 (Index)


Oxford Wills 1436 - 1814 (Index)

PCC Wills Index and Images

Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers Covering dates 1384-1858.


Edinburgh Wills 1601 - 1700 (Index)


Lichfield Wills 1516-1652 (Index)


Suffolk, Bury, Calendar of Prereformation Wills (Index)

Suffolk, Calendar of Wills 1383-1604 (Index)


Surrey wills (Index)

Surrey Wills 1484-1490 (Index)


Chichester Calendar of Wills 1482-1800 (Index)

Wills & Testaments

Online access to our Wills & Testaments.


Worcestershire Wills 1451 - 1600 (Index)

Worcestershire Wills 1601 - 1652 (Index)


Wills in the York Registry, 1603-1611 (Index)

Yorks Wills 1389 - 1514 (Index)

Yorks Wills 1514 - 1553 (Index)

Yorks Wills 1554 - 1568 (Index)

Yorks Wills 1568 - 1585 (Index)

Yorks Wills 1585 - 1594 (Index)

Yorks Wills 1594 - 1602 (Index)

Yorks Wills 1612 - 1619 (Index)

Yorks Wills 1620 - 1627 (Index)

Yorks Wills 1627 - 1636 (Index)

Yorks Wills 1636 - 1652 (Index)

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