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Convict Transportation Registers

Online access to Convict Transportation Registers 1787-1867. Includes details of convicts transported to Australia during the 18th and 19th centuries. The records mainly include those convicted in England, Wales and Scotland, but also include a small number of Irish convicts, and soldiers who had been court-martialed and sentenced to transportation. These 'soldier convicts' may have been convicted in various British colonies, including the West Indies, Canada, India, and Pakistan.

Court & Criminal Book Records

Online access to our Court & Criminal Records.

Criminal Records

Online access to Criminal Registers, Charges, Pardons and Criminal Lunatics. These records are from the National Archives Home Office Records series HO 27, HO 13, HO20/13 and CRIM 1. They contain over 90,000 records for England and Wales between 1782 to 1970.

Chancery Proceedings

Chancery Proceedings Series I. James I Vol.1 A-K, 1603-1625

Chancery Proceedings Series II. Vol.I, 1558-1579

Chancery Proceedings Series II. Vol.II, 1579-1621

Chancery Proceedings Series II. Vol.III, 1621-1660

Chancery Proceedings, Bridges Division. Vol.I A-C, 1613-1714

Chancery Proceedings, Bridges Division. Vol.II D-H, 1613-1714

Chancery Proceedings, Bridges Division. Vol.III I-Q, 1613-1714

Chancery Proceedings, Bridges Division. Vol.IV R-Z, 1613-1714

Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.I, ca.1377-1478

Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.II, ca.1479-1485

Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.III, ca.1485-1500

Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.IV, ca.1500-1515

Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.IX, ca.1544-1553

Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.V, ca.1515-1529

Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.VI, ca.1529-1538

Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.VII, ca.1533-1538

Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.VIII, ca.1538-1544

Early Chancery Proceedings Vol.X, ca.1553-1558


Constables' Accounts of Manchester 1612-1633

Constables' Accounts of Manchester 1633-1647

Constables' Accounts of Manchester 1743-1776


1394-1422 The Court Rolls of Tooting Beck Manor Vol.1

Court Rolls of the Manor of Hornsey 1603-1701


1591-1643 Worcestershire County Records - Calendar of the Quarter Sessions

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