The Genealogist Research Guide

Britain to America

Records of emigrants to America are available to all Diamond Premium subscribers under the ‘British and International records’ section on the Search page. 


1600-1700 Persons of Quality from Great Britain to US

 Contains a list of emigrants to America which includes religious exiles, political rebels, serving men sold for a term of years, apprentices, children, women, and others who went from Great Britain to the American plantations from 1600 to 1700.

Details provided include age, where from, details of other family members (e.g wife and children), occupation and name of the ship.

The records contain:

Register of passengers from London, Ipswich and Weymouth

    -        Provides name of ship, name and age of passenger

    -        Some also include occupation of male passengers

List of the living and dead in Virginia colony 1623

Muster (early form of census) of Virginia colony taken on 23rd January 1924

    -        Details of area resident, name and age of all family members and ship/year they arrived in.

    -        Lists of the dead with some details of how they died provided

Patents Granted, including how many acres and where the land is situated

Barbados Tickets Granted

    -        Details of people who left the island, including when their ticket was issued, the destination, ship they left on and the name of the Commander

Barbados Parish Registers

    -        Baptisms and Burials 1678 to 1679

    -        Includes details of inhabitants with number of children, servants and slaves


1654-1658 Bristol and America

A record of the first settlers in the colonies of North America 1654-1685. This includes the names of places of origin of more than 10,000 servants to Foreign Plantations who sailed from the Port of Bristol to Virginia, Maryland and other ports of the Atlantic coast and also to the West Indies.





Britain to Australia

Records of British Convicts transported to colonies in Australia are available to all Diamond subscribers, and can be found on the Search page under ‘British and International Records’ or via the Master Search.


Convict Transportation Registers 1787-1867 (HO 11)

-        Details of over 123,000 of the estimated 160,000 convicts transported during the 18th and 19th centuries. 

-        The records mainly include those convicted in England, Wales and Scotland, but also include a small number of Irish convicts.

-        Also includes soldiers who had been court-martialled and sentenced to transportation.   These 'soldier convicts' may have been convicted in various British colonies including the West Indies, India, Pakistan and Canada. 

-        The prisoners on these registers were sent to New South Wales, Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), Moreton Bay (Brisbane), Port Phillip, Western Australia and Norfolk Island.

-        Also recorded are some ships which were bound for Gibraltar.