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Unique Records and Search Tools to Break Down Your Brick Walls

Joining TheGenealogist gives you access to a vast array of unique recordsets and tools, only available with us!

You'll be able to access exclusive record collections such as 1910 Land & Property Records, Tithe Records from 1836 and Royal Air Force Records all of which are only available on TheGenealogist. We don't just give you access to unique records, you'll gain access to our unique search tools too! TheGenealogist is the only website that has keyword search, family forename search, address search and map search tools to help you pinpoint your ancestors.

With a Diamond subscription you can gain access to over a billion family history records!

Travel back in time with Map ExplorerTM

Our Map Explorer™ will allow you to see where your ancestors were born, lived and worked. Records show as pins on the map allowing you to click and find out more. Maps are available from 1836 right up to the modern day, so you can see how an area changed over time.

Overlay slider showing St. Pauls
Overlay slider showing St. Pauls

Map Explorer has an ever-increasing range of Record Collections and Features. Records you can currently view on Map Explorer include:

  • Tithe Records
  • 1910 House and Land Records
  • 1911 Census
  • Headstone Records
  • War Memorials
  • 1086 Domesday Records
  • Charles Booth Poverty Maps
  • Image Archive Photographs

We'll be adding new data layers allowing you to go to your ancestors' parish, street and even their house.

See our search tools in action with our Video Tutorials

1910 Land & Property Records


The 1910 Lloyd George Domesday, unique to TheGenealogist, combines maps and detailed residential data, enabling researchers to precisely pinpoint their ancestor's house on large scale, hand annotated maps. Currently covering London and North Buckinghamshire, in 2022 we'll be releasing new areas covering the home counties and beyond.

Tithe Records

Tithe Map

The National Tithe Records from 1836, unique to TheGenealogist, provide a window into our ancestral heritage by giving details of ownership and occupancy of land throughout England and Wales, revealing a wealth of information about people, places and landmarks in the Victorian era.

Search over 14 million records from 11,770 parishes across England and Wales for the unique opportunity to discover whether your ancestors were landowners and how their land was put to use, or if tenants, which plots of land they were living and working on.

Royal Air Force Records

RAF crew during training for the 1932 Hendon airshow, with a Gloster Gamecock.

If you have an ancestor who was in the Royal Air Force, we have many different records that can tell you details of their career, including:

  • Operations Record Books (AIR 27) - Unique to TheGenealogist, these are daily records of the life of a squadron, and of other units within the RAF structure. They are extremely useful for providing insights into what an airman or officer did during their time in a squadron. Very often individuals are mentioned by name, though there are also details of the activities of the unit as a whole including operations in the air as well as day to day happenings on the base, including visiting top brass and concert parties.
  • Aviator Certificates from the Royal Aero Club - Listing the pioneers of aviation, including many early members of the RAF
  • Royal Air Force War Memorials
  • Royal Air Force Lists
  • Dambusters

Military Records

WW1 The Worcesters going into action

With the major wars of the last century touching almost every family in the UK, military records become an invaluable resource for finding records of your ancestor's service. You'll gain access to a vast range of extra military records, including:

  • WW1 & WW2 Casualty Lists
  • Births, Marriages and Deaths of British Service Personnel throughout the world
  • Prisoner of War Records
  • Campaign Medals & Medals for Gallantry
  • Military Court Records
  • Air Force Operations Record Books
  • Navy, Army & Air Force Lists
  • Roll of Honour Records
  • Regimental Records
  • Militia Musters
  • Dambusters Database
  • War Memorials

Parish & Non-Conformist Registers

Lowestoft Church

With a Diamond subscription, you get access to all our parish registers and non-conformist records, including regular new releases (We've recently added over 3 million records across multiple counties). These cover the oldest and most rare records and can help you take your research back to the 1500s. You can search over 65 Million Parish Records, including complete Anglican Parish Records for Wales.

Non-conformist records cover roughly the same period as parish records and include Quakers (Society of Friends), Methodists, Wesleyans, Baptists, Independents, Protestant Dissenters, Congregationalist, Presbyterians and Unitarians. TheGenealogist is the official The National Archives publisher for Non-Conformist records and also provides the largest collection online with over 8 million records.

Wills, Probates and Testaments

Samuel Pepys Will Extract

The records are copies of registered wills, which were written into volumes by the clerks at the church courts, and many earlier records are in Latin. Covering the years 1384 to 1858, there are over 1.4 Million images with searchable indexes.

Newspapers & Magazines

London Illustrated News

Access our rapidly expanding selection of newspapers. Read about the events of the time as they were reported, or find births, marriages and deaths in the paper. Historical newspapers and magazines were written as events were occurring and provide contemporary accounts of the world your ancestors lived in from day to day. They provide insight into opinions of the time and can also provide information on individuals which would not otherwise be recorded. Includes:

  • The Illustrated London News 1842-1915
  • The Illustrated War News
  • The Navy and Army Illustrated 1895-1902
  • The War Illustrated
  • The Great War – The Standard History of the World-Wide Conflict
  • Harpers Magazine
  • Jewish Chronicle
  • SS Great Britain Times
  • The Sphere
  • The B.E.F. Wipers's Times
  • and more!

Occupational Records

Railway Workers

From apprenticeships to pilots, teachers to railway workers, you'll find all sorts of records available to help with your research, whatever their job. Includes Apprenticeship records, Bankruptcy, Clergy, Civil Service, Teachers, Directors, Actors & Playwrights, Medical, Law, Sports, Pilot Certificates, Railway Employment Records, Teachers, Ships Crew Lists, Merchant Navy Apprentices and more, with years ranging from 1066 to 1929.

We're constantly adding new records, at no extra cost!

In 2021 we released millions of new records covering England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We have increased our coverage of a broad variety of records that are essential resources for family history researchers.

The top three record collections we've added in 2021 total over 72 Million records:

  • The Scottish Census (1841-1901) - 24 Million Records
  • The 1939 Register - 34 Million records
  • The Complete Anglican Parish Records for Wales - 14 Million Records

Other new records in 2021 include:

  • Norfolk Parish Records – 1,445,523 records
  • Irish Parish Records – 1,327,300 records
  • RAF Records – 1,550,000 records
  • Suffolk Parish Records – 322,894 records
  • Land & House records – 430,000 records
  • Military records – 150,000 records
  • New Headstone records – 55,000 records
  • Who's Who records – 100,000 records
  • Irish Wills – 100,000 records
  • British and Irish Directories
  • 1086 Domesday Records

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