TreeView Research Guide

The new TreeView App on Facebook allows you to integrate your family tree with your Facebook friends and family.  You can generate a family tree automatically using the relationship data on your facebook info page, and invite your facebook friends to view your tree.

The TreeView App

To get started search for the TreeView App from your facebook account or go to:

To create a new tree from scratch using Facebook, go to the 'Tree' tab at the top of your window and select 'New Tree', you’ll be given the option to generate your tree automatically.  Click 'Yes' andTreeView will import all individuals from your Facebook with a confirmed relationship to you, and will also include profile pictures on each entry.

Adding Individuals via Facebook

You can now search through your Facebook friends when adding a new individual to your tree.  After selecting the add individual option, next to ‘New’ and ‘Existing’ you’ll also see a ‘Facebook’ option.  Selecting this will bring up a list of your Facebook friends.  Click on the appropriate individual, and any information they have recorded on their facebook page such as date of birth, marriage etc will automatically be added the individual’s information on your Treeview.  You can also select the ‘Invite friends to my tree’ link to send view tree invitations out to your friends.

Inviting Facebook friends to view your tree

Individuals that have been added from your list of Facebook friends will have a Facebook icon in the bottom right corner of their entry. Click on this icon to Invite friends to view your tree. After selecting which friends you wish to invite, you will also be given the option to send an invite out to contacts in your email account. Click on ‘Skip’ if you don’t wish to add any individuals from your email account. To include people from your email account, you’ll need to enter your email address and account password to allow Facebook to bring up a list of contacts.

You can also access this feature by selecting the ‘Invite’ tab at the top of the window.

Sharing TreeView with your Facebook friends

Post a link to TreeView from your Facebook wall, by clicking on the ‘Share’ link in the top right corner of the screen.